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South Korean Firm, ICONLOOP to Launch Blockchain-based Driver’s License

ICONLOOP has announced to launch a blockchain-based Driver's License in the countryThe South Korean Ministry has approved the firm to test Decentralized Identity (DID)...

DeFiato to redefine staking services

DeFiato announced redefining of its staking servicesIn the event, their platform will also provide a special pool with a 3000% rewardAny user can stake...
crypto TV Series Ukraine

Ukraine sponsored educational blockchain web series

Ukrainian government launched blockchain series to offer digital literacy to its citizensViewing all the episodes of the series entitles certification of completionUkraine is in...
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A new Blockchain Project of Germany’s Central Bank is Under Progress

Bundesbank further detailed that the main purpose of Blockchain project is the establishment of an approach towards a decentralized networkA German politician and executive...
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All About Pirate Chain: ‘The Most Anonymous Cryptocurrency’

This cryptocurrency uses ZK-Snarks to protect entire peer to peer transactions on the Blockchain, making for highly anonymous and private transactions.The developers who created...
crypto exchange

Spectre’s Mobile App is Facilitating Instant, Transparent Trade Execution Among Crypto Users

Spectre is an entity which entered the market only 3 years ago is already being followed by 50,000 traders and has emerged as a...
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Blockchain Technology is Revolutionising the Crowdfunding Space

Blockchain technology’s decentralised feature and peer-to-peer exchange value are being leveraged to fund creative and business projects This is being conducted through Initial Coin Offerings...
Cryptocurrency growth in Asia

Asia Adopting Blockchain Rapidly in the Business

The Business Research company to comment in their report that the blockchain market may grow up to $15.88 billion by the year 2020.Agrocorp International...
MIT based chinese blockchian startups

Two Blockchain Projects Selected Under New Information Consumption Demonstration projects by Chinese Ministry

MIIT has selected about 100 projects across the country and all these selected projects will receive greater policy support by the MIIT.Huang Junfei, General...
Blockchain smartphones

Blockchain smartphones, Crypto-storing Watches Soon to Become Reality?

Blockchain-based smartphones will potentially support the decentralized web or so-called Web 3.0.These phones will also be encrypted to store your crypto-wallet keys securely in...
blockchain in investment

The Marriage of Blockchain and Sustainable Investment

Blockchain Technology manages ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues primarily across domains of supply chain transparency, data protection and energy efficiency.A Forbes report highlights...
Bangladesh blockchain Paymnet

Bangladesh’s First-ever Blockchain Transaction Successful

Viyellatex is a ready-made garment exporter firm and exports approximately $300 million worth garments and textile productsThe Bangladeshi CEO of the Standard Chartered Bank,...
RecycleGO with DeepDive

RecycleGo Partners With DeepDive For a Blockchain-Based Recycling Solution

RecylceGo aims to increase participation, product quality and sustainability throughout the product’s life cycle.RecycleGo started forming collaborations with international and household brands who pledged to...

Report : 42% of Top EU Founders Choose Blockchain Technology For Cost Reduction

Blockchain technology startups are a craze in the European market but they still lag their US counterparts. The startups founded in the most powerful...
The Bank of France Completes The First Test Of A Blockchain-based Digital Euro Italian

Associazione Bancaria Italiana Announces Its Intention To Trial A Digital Euro

Italian Banking Association or the ABI announced that they were looking forward to trial their first ever digital Euro.  Associazione Bancaria Italiana is...
Blockchain All Set To Power the Farming Sector Of Asia

Inner Mongolia Cybersecurity Meeting Emphasises Projects In Fields Like Blockchain

Yesterday, on June 19, the Cyber Security and Informatization Committee of the Party Committee held its 3rd meeting. The meeting's main agenda was...
Rhode Island blockchain

Switzerland : Blockchain Industry And DLT To Have No Consequences Due To The Tax...

The Swiss Federal Council took into account the need to amend the tax law for the Blockchain industries. It has announced that no...
Bitcoin bankrupt

Texas-based Blockchain Company, Filed for Chapter 11 of Bankruptcy

Factom Inc., a Texas-based Blockchain Company, filed for chapter 11 of bankruptcy. David Jevans, the chairman of Factom Inc. assured investors that the bankruptcy...
Unstoppable Domains Has Launched Their Blockchain Browser In An Effort To Fight Online Censorship blogging Dblog

Unstoppable Domains Unveil Its Blogging Service Dblog

Unstoppable Domains have started to host a dBlog service on their InterPlanetary File System a censorship-resistant blogging platform. The startup has reached an...
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Saudi Arabia Central Bank Using Blockchain to Transfers Funds to Local Banks

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has empowered local banks to enable them with blockchain technology. Banks in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab...

Guangzhou to Build China’s First Demonstration Zone Blockchain

According to the official statements released on Friday by the government, the southern metropolis is a major centre of industrial development.  Guangzhou considered...
XRP-powered Coil Integrates With WordPress To Offer XRP Tra

XRP-Powered Coil Integrates With WordPress To Offer XRP Transactions

The blockchain startup Coil, through its integration with WordPress, will offer crypto transactions in XRP mainly. Coil unveiled today its integration with WordPress,...
DTCC To Explore DLT And Asset Tokenization Through Two New Projects

DTCC To Explore DLT And Asset Tokenization Through Two New Projects

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), a post-trade financial service provider has established two new projects namely Ion and Whitney. The launch...
Qatar Central Bank Plans to Explore Blockchain Technology and distributed ledger technology

Qatar Central Bank Plans to Explore Blockchain Technology

Qatar Central Bank is working on launching the second strategic plan about the Fintech initiatives. This plan will involve establishing clear policies that will aim...

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