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Every day is today’s era we come across new technologies. This digital world is approaching very fast towards different technologies day by day. Here are some most innovative blockchain startups in 2020 across the world.

The very adoptive and decentralized behavior of blockchain is seeking many eyes these days. Although digital currencies (cryptocurrency) are the major area covered by blockchain today, besides this many ideas on implementing blockchain are raising making blockchain more creative by things out of the box.


Hara was founded in Indonesia in the year 2015, the startup is based on the exchange of data in the food and agriculture sector using the implementation of blockchain technology. In addition to that, Hara aims to provide the data which is hard to find such as land ownership and the land price to the farmers, indifferent province across Indonesia.

Therefore, Hara token is rewarded to the farmer or user who puts data into the blockchain network. Also, that token can help in buying different goods which are needed to improve the agricultural activity such as fertilizers


In the year 2018, this startup managed to raise more than $30 million USD within 10 days via a token sale. Thus, at very first this startup aims to replace its current operational model with one which is going to be similar to the blockchain. Consequently, Electrify is a startup located in Singapore.

Subsequently, its current working is based on the web application called ‘energy marketplace’ which use to generate the retail energy contracts.


This startup uses it to support the community building. Moreover use it to reward the social interaction between readers and writers by using blockchain technology. Serey is a startup located in Cambodia which provides a social media platform for the readers and writers.

It’s very first aim is to encourage and reward creativity and self-expression with the help of technology. You also get a small amount of reward in digital currency as soon as you join the platform.


It is a blockchain-based startup located in Santa Monica, California. It works on the e-commerce and gaming sector using the blockchain technology. OPSkins is a trading platform where you can have gaming virtual accessories and items. Here you can sell or buy skins, weapons, and emotes. Also, many different things related to gaming and also includes games like the player unknown battleground. The blockchain peer to peer methodology is to purchase the virtual items