Bitcoin ETF

JP Morgan Chase executives hint at their approval of stablecoin regulation

CEO Jamie Dimon and CFO Jennifer Piepszak agreed to their weighing in on the OCC’s recent agreement regarding allowing the banks to use the...
Tether a scam

The attractive quality of Tether only fuels Bitcoin to bubble

Several regulators are concerned about the quality of Tether The production of Tether has become a joke on social media If the firm producing...

Stablecoin and Ripple’s study prioritized by FED

The Federal Reserve System is studying the risks associated with Stablecoin Jerome Powell, the chairman of FED, vocalizes about being right and will not...


The UK issues a consolidation regarding crypto market development.Reviews and comments accepted until March 2021The Main focus has been to ensure the public safety...
uk bitcoin

Crypto Industries has been asked to produce insights into its regulatory approach by the...

A document detailing a series of prospective addressing the crypto community was issued by Her Majesty’s Treasury in the U.K.John Glen, the Economic Secretary...
Ethereum gains

Case study of the recent bullish rally of Ethereum

Since this new year, Ethereum has gained more than 45% of its valueThe total value locked in Ethereum has reached $2.4 billion, as more...

DeFi On Roar, Hits $20 Billion Benchmark

The total value locked in all the DeFi projects is $20.57BnIn the list, the DAI stablecoin is located in the first placeThe sector got...
Strong Bitcoin

Investors Should Carefully Allocate To Manage Risk By Bitcoin

Bitcoiners should remain on alert regarding the asset in the short-term With the emerging digital technology, Bitcoin is also getting mainstreamed Bitcoin is not...
OCC crypto payments

Bank payments can now be made using blockchain and stablecoins

Financial banks and federal savings associations in the US can now use stablecoins and blockchain technology for payments Such institutions and associations can validate,...
DeFi: Weekly Trends

DeFi’s locked value strikes an all-time high with $17.5 Billion, however ETH witnesses continuously...

DeFi manages to accomplish a historic value locking $17.5 billion in De-Fi, a value higher than ever.Escalating prices of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)...

Interpretive Letter 1174: OCC Approves Use of Stablecoins and INVNs by Banks

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) authorised cryptocurrency custody to banksThe use of independent node verification networks (INVNs) and stable coins...

Reliance on Stablecoins Increasing in Pandemic

Total issuance was 3466 which accounts for 50.29% and in terms of USD it was $155.63 accounting for 79.12%USDT market for stable currency increased...
Wrap finance

Flash Loan Attack on Warp Finances: $8M Loss Reported

Warp Finance endures a major flash loan attack resulting in the loss of nearly $8M worth of stablecoinsThe team targets to distribute $5.5M, secured...
rashida Tlaib

US lawmakers to introduce a new bill for protecting consumers from crypto and stablecoin

A stablecoin related bill has been introduced to the US Congress membersThe bill wants to gain the overall control of the stablecoinsIf the bill...

US senators seek to make stablecoins illegitimate

Three US congress representatives have introduced a new bill regarding stablecoin to the other membersThe bill has no chance of becoming a lawThe whole...
ripio circle

Ripio Has Joined Circle

This partnership will support the liquidity of Stablecoin USDCThe service of Ripio Earn has been available to more than 5,00,000 users of Ripio in...
crypto cries foul in wake of tethers dollar token report 2100x1200

Stablecoins Market Capitalization surpasses $20 Billion over 3 months

The supply of stablecoins has doubled in the past three months Tether’s market capitalization has increased by 12.1%, whereas its 24-hours trading volume...
gas Network Congestion Causes Crypto Traders to use XRP for Transfer of Balance Bitcoin, Ethereum

New Crypto Benchmarking Study Reveals Some of the Important Aspects of Crypto Industries

Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge's study strongly hints that the cryptocurrency market has officially entered the growth phaseThe study focuses on...
Cryptocurrency lawsuit Q3 Ravaged After The Crypto Startup Swindled Investors' $33 Millions

European Commission Proposed a Digital Finance Package for Crypto-Assets

European Commission (EC) on 24th September has adopted a digital finance packageThe proposal submitted by EC focused on stablecoins to a more considerable extent European...

ECB in a Report Says that Stablecoins’ Name is Misleading and Shall be Renamed

European Central Bank (ECB) in their recent report of September said the term ‘stablecoin’ to be potentially misleadingEurozone’s primary financial institute mentioned that stablecoins...

The OCC and the SEC Clarifies the Regulatory Uncertainty Regarding Stablecoins

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian said that several national banks and federal saving institutions are engaging themselves in activities related to stablecoinsThe letter...
european union

European Union to Declare a Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrency

European Union to establish a new group of supervisorsThe draft for the regulation is expected to be 167 pages long and is anticipated to...

Stablecoin market cap increases by $100M on a Daily Basis, points Coin Metric’s Nick...

Stablecoins's marketcap is increasing by $100 million daily from a monthCarter views DeFi yields/interest rates as a ‘vacuum sucking in a lot of stablecoins’Trends...
cryptocurrency china

Crypto Assets Worth $50 Billion Transferred from China in the Past Year

As per a Chainalysis report, over $50 billion worth of cryptocurrency has moved from China-based digital wallets to other parts of the world last...
Taxas Fraud

Texas Authority Issue a Cease, Desist To Halt Scandalous Recruitment Process

The Texas Securities Commissioner, Travis J. Iles on Friday had filed an emergency order which targeted Lance Angus Jerrard and his companies.As per the...
Japan Digital Currency

World’s Fifth-largest Bank Is Expected To Release Its Digital Currency

Mitsubishi UFG Financial Group has finally set another deadline for its stablecoin after missing the previous ones. It plans to launch MUFG Coin...

Popular Ethereum Proponent Opined On Recent USDC Blacklisting Issue

This week a historical move was taken by a US dollar-backed stable coin USDC which has blacklisted one account. This is the very...
tether money e1581403851610

USDT Minting Spree Continues : Will Additional Issuance of USDT Bring Value to Public...

The market circulation of major stablecoins is approximately $11.547 billion, and the market value continues to grow. The growth of the market value...
Stablecoin Demand Soars Amid Global Risk and Uncertainity This Year

Total Stablecoin Market Cap Surpasses $11 Billion Mark

The Stablecoin market sees heavy growth this year, reaching great heights. Amidst the global pandemic, the digital assets market has been suffering huge...
Stablecoin 2

Japanese Minister Taro Aso Talks About Cryptocurrency and Stablecoin

Japanese Minister Taro Aso chose to point out the necessity of a name change rather than indulging in a tax reform debate. Reports...
ethereum DeFi

Ethereum Scaling Solution Principal Engineer Proposes Stablecoin DefiDollar

The Principal Engineer at Ethereum’s scaling solution Matic Network, Arpit Agarwal, introduced an exclusive stablecoin DefiDollar (DUSD) today. As per Principal Engineer At Ethereum, Arpit,...
STASIS Stablecoin Offering Unlimited Purchase of EURS By Using Card

STASIS Offering Unlimited Purchase of EURS By Using Card

A tokenization platform with euro-backed stablecoin STASIS is offering its users the cheapest on-ramp in digital assets through card. The users can purchase...

mStable: A New Protocol To Unify Tokenized Assets For DeFi On Ethereum

mStable works on a smart contract system that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Stability Labs has launched mStable, a new protocol that is built...

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