Bitfinex and Tether are a step closer towards conclusion

Bitfinex has almost completed the handing over of documents to the NYAG iFinex has produced a significant number of volume for the NYAG The...
Tether legal war

Tether FUD is not what the allegations made it look like

Due to the lack of regulatory clarity in the United States, individuals are losing their confidence in cryptosTo entertain some critics, a harmful Tether...
Tether a scam

The attractive quality of Tether only fuels Bitcoin to bubble

Several regulators are concerned about the quality of Tether The production of Tether has become a joke on social media If the firm producing...
Injective Protocol

Injective Protocol soon to launch the trading of tokenized stocks

Injective Protocol soon to offer to trade of tokenized stocks of several major firms Stocks like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, can now be traded on...

DeFi Investors returning to Bitcoin

Since August, October’s third week was the worst for DEXs in terms of the DeFi trading volumeiI is observed that the total value locked...
crypto cries foul in wake of tethers dollar token report 2100x1200

Stablecoins Market Capitalization surpasses $20 Billion over 3 months

The supply of stablecoins has doubled in the past three months Tether’s market capitalization has increased by 12.1%, whereas its 24-hours trading volume...
kucoin 1

CTO of Bitfinex and Tether Freezes USDT Funds Associated With the KuCoin Scam

CTO of Bitfinex and Tether, Paolo Ardoino  has recently freezed Tether Token (USDT) worth $33 millionArdoino has frozen USDT funds worth $33 millions or...

Stablecoin market cap increases by $100M on a Daily Basis, points Coin Metric’s Nick...

Stablecoins's marketcap is increasing by $100 million daily from a monthCarter views DeFi yields/interest rates as a ‘vacuum sucking in a lot of stablecoins’Trends...
Gate Sends 400,000 USDT to an Automated Market Address of Sushi Swap

0 exchange made a hefty transaction involving 400,000 Tether tokens sent to an address which apparently belonged to Sushi Swap.The head of Sushi Chef...

Giant Whale Pushes ETH’s Value To $450 Levels In Uniswap

Lightning Loan arbitrage robot had spent a total of 4 ETH as gas fees in order to arbitrage a total of 8000 USDC...

Bitcoin, Gold price correlation increased during Covid-19: Jay Hao, CEO, OKEx

As per Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx, a drop in the US dollar (USD) and the Bitcoin (BTC) surge almost coincided recently. The...

Plaintiffs File Class Action Lawsuit Against Bittrex and Poloniex Again

The plaintiffs claim that both Bittrex, Poloniex had used Bitcoin addresses, which were explicitly created by them to manipulate the market. Two exchanges...
tether money e1581403851610

USDT Minting Spree Continues : Will Additional Issuance of USDT Bring Value to Public...

The market circulation of major stablecoins is approximately $11.547 billion, and the market value continues to grow. The growth of the market value...
Tether Will Perform A Chain Swap To Convert From Omni To ERC20

Bitfinex CTO Stated Investors Trust On Tether That’s Why Investing

Recently, a $10 million equity investment has been made by the popular cryptocurrency Tether in a crypto lending platform Celsius Network  (CEL). Looking...
Stablecoin Demand Soars Amid Global Risk and Uncertainity This Year

Total Stablecoin Market Cap Surpasses $11 Billion Mark

The Stablecoin market sees heavy growth this year, reaching great heights. Amidst the global pandemic, the digital assets market has been suffering huge...
Tether Will Perform A Chain Swap To Convert From Omni To ERC20

Tether (USDT) Supply Hits Record High, Will it Increase Risk for Market?

Looking at the popularity of Tether (USDT) in the current market scenario assumption is that USDT is the greatest roar in the market. ...
Margin trading USDT on Bitfinex

Guide on How to Margin Trade USDT on BitFinex Exchange

Tether (USDT) belongs to a new type of cryptocurrencies which referred to as stable coins. Here is a guide on how to...

Omnicore Double Spend Attacks Can Make Account Balance Wrong Says Slowmist

SlowMist alone has discovered many common high-risk security vulnerabilities in the blockchain industry. The vulnerability was that the Omnicore's node could not properly...
Tether 2

TRON based Tether USDT to Cross 1 Billon Stablecoins

Tether (USDT) has achieved remarkable stability in the digital space with a whopping 916 million stable coins in circulation. TRON based USDT may receive...

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