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That’s How John McAfee Perceives The Burning Issues

That's How John McAfee Perceives The Burning Issues

American businessman and crypto advocate, John Mcafee, expressed his views on latest arrest of Ethereum developer. He speaks about his 2020 Crypto Campaign during his recent interview. The rise of WHACKD token and Epstein meme. John McAfee, on the recent FBI arrest of Virgil Griffith, ETH Foundation member, said that …

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John’s Mcafeedex –Will No Kyc and No Restrictions Appeal to the Masses?

John McAfee’s DEX is still termed “Wrong” by US Regulatory services.

John McAfee, a computer programmer, a software entrepreneur and Bitcoin bull is recently in the spotlight after he announced the launch of McAfeeDex,  an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized exchange. ‘’A preview of what’s coming Monday: Requires no name, no documents, no email, no bank info. Transaction details were private. Nothing monitored. …

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Bakkt Is Live Now But a Fragile Response From Investors

bakkt live

The most awaited Bakkt has entered the market but so far it could not manage to appeal to the market entropy and the fanfare as witnessed by their stable, monotonous and underwhelming reactions. The first trade was performed late yesterday marking the initiation. ‘’The first Bakkt Bitcoin Futures trade was …

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John MacAfee: No contradiction to support BAKKT But “I won’t be using it”

Verge XVG (1)

John Mcafee, the founder of the software company McAfee Associates, has discussed Bakkt referring it “opposite of freedom’s movement” in his recent tweet. Bakkt, the much-anticipated crypto exchange, announced the launch date for its Bitcoin Futures contracts. Bakkt will be launching bitcoin futures on 23rd September 2019 to institutional investors, …

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Bitcoin though plummets holds its head high

bitcoin value

The fall of the prices of bitcoin has been a real reason of worry to the traders. The prices have readily begun to falter from the past few days. Though the reason is yet not figured out it is taking everyone by surprise as bitcoin has shown a steady rise …

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