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The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets : Types, Review and Comparison


What is Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Wallet? This wallet is the premier step to utilize Bitcoin and virtual currency. It is similar to the bank account and it provides the facility to keep coins, send coins, receive bitcoins and transfer to others. In other words, a wallet acts as your individual …

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Bitcoin Price to transcend $50K in 2020


A bullish trade that has recurred in the market for crypto-call options is a bet that the cost of the Bitcoin will surpass $ 50,000 by that time next year. Now, when the cost of the Bitcoin has the impetus, the bulls again place bullish bets. The most hostile deals …

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Ledger Issues Warning by Monero Developers App Bug for Ledger Wallet Users


Monero (XMR) developers have fixed a bug involving cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger that created user funds seem like they’d disappeared, they confirmed on social media on 8th April. Reported in early March, the bug, that Ledger originally thought to be a synchronization problem, first came to light when a user’s balance failed to react to an incoming transaction. The …

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Ledger Company Opens Branch of Crypto Security in Hong Kong


Ledger president Pascal Gauthier further explained that Soong will help the company monetize its opportunities in APAC: “He brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the region, which will help Ledger capitalize on future opportunities. APAC is a key market that has seen increased demand. With Benjamin at the …

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