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Russian Social Media Platform VKontakte (VK) launches its own Cryptocurrency


The big Russian Social Media platform VKontakte (VK) also known as an alternative of Russian Facebook is thinking about launching its own cryptocurrency. This the news was reported in the local news source RNS on 28 March. According to the report in RNS, an unidentified source known with the functioning of the …

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Russian Social Media Giant VKontakte Looking to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency


The most well-liked social media platform in Russia, VKontakte (VK), is considering developing its own cryptocurrency, native news outlet RNS rumored on 28th March. Per the report, associate degree such-and-such person familiar in the company’s plans told the outlet that the project involves the creation of individual cryptocurrency accounts for all the users of the platform. Still, the article also claims …

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Russian Financial Watchdog Calls for Global Crypto Exchange Regulations


The Russian financial regulatory agency contacted the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to request an intergovernmental initiative that could control the supply and flow of cryptocurrencies. Pavel Livadny, the Deputy Director of FMS, confirmed that they are endeavoring to secure the participation of all the FATF member countries to design a …

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Russia and China are becoming the new hub of over-the-counter crypto trading


According to local reports, the daily trading volume of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Moscow alone reach $50 million on peak days, which is relatively small in comparison to major cryptocurrency exchanges but largely given the regulatory uncertainty in Russia. Russia, one of the few countries alongside China …

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Russia Offers Crypto A Way In From The Cold


The Russian government has confirmed claims made earlier this week by the central bank that the forthcoming autumnal session of the State Duma will hold a second reading for the country’s long-awaited cryptocurrency legislation. In this year, the first reading is in May, politicians also confirmed that the bills have …

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