Cryptocurrencies Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Binance Coin, TRON, Ethereum Classic, MIOTA 

  • The crypto market has taken an opposite turn in today’s financial trading trade. Bitcoin is again on the critical price of $6.5k and looking to break below it. ETH is also suffering heavy price corrections again with the levels dipping to $130.
  • Just when the crypto market was building overall sustainable bullish momentum, the bears surprised the majority of the crypto assets.
  • The overall market capitalization is $185,269,841,028 and volume traded is $142,007,604,985. The overall dominance of BTC remains at 65%.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis 

Source: Coin360

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Bitcoin is having a roller-coaster price movement since yesterday. The world’s largest cryptoasset provided some relief to the crypto investors by crossing the crucial price level of $6.5. It also looked strong to break another crucial level of $7k. However, the resistance of $6900 came in between and put a halt on the bullish move. Since then, BTC has been a victim of bearish move again in the market. It is now again looking to break below $6.5k which is certainly not a good sign. The current price is $6629.03 with the market cap of $121,153,781,035,150 and volume traded of $46,510,350,985. The cryptoasset may find the support level of $6500 and $6200 if the bears are not that impactful.

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis 

Source: Coin360

BNB has also slipped from its crucial price level of $12.00 in today’s market with a downtrend of -1.25%. The BNB/BTC pair is also facing a downtrend of 0.85% with a level of 0.00185573 BTC. The current price is $12.19 with the market cap of $1,896,213,356 and volume traded of $337,090,076. If the overall downtrend in the market continues, the altcoin may reach a critical price area of $11.00 any time soon. However, there is still a major support level of $10.00 for the cryptoasset.

TRON (TRX) Price Analysis 

Source: Coin360

TRON is on the critical price area of $0.011 due to the negative momentum in today’s market. It is facing an overall loss of -1.23%. The TRX/BTC pair is also facing a downtrend of -0.35% with the level of 0.00000172 BTC. The current price of tron is at the level of $0.011 with the market cap of $759,587,465 and volume traded of $1,047,568,852. A break below $0.010 will indicate that the altcoin may face a further downtrend in the market with the major support level of $0.0070.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Analysis 

Source: Coin360

Ethereum Classic is surviving on a crucial support level of $5.00 with a significant downtrend in today’s market. It is facing an overall loss of -1.76%. The ETC/BTC pair is also facing a significant decline of -1.45% with the level of 0.00076491 BTC. The current price level is $5.00 with a market cap of $ 589,107,243 and a volume traded of $1,798,746,024. If it breaks below the level of $5 it will open up the vulnerability of a significant downtrend for the cryptoasset.

IOTA(MIOTA) Price Analysis 

Source: Coin360

IOTA is also suffering major price corrections and downtrend in the market. It is facing an overall loss of 2.85% in today’s crypto market. The IOTA/BTC pair is also facing a significant downtrend with an overall loss of 1.09% with a level of 0.00002185. IOTA again broke below the support level of $0.15 making it vulnerable to the critical area of $0.10. The current price is at the level of $0.14 with the market cap of $402,642,090 and volume traded of $11,732,834. IOTA still somehow can find another support level of $0.12 which can prevent the crypto asset from any further downfall.

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