Dash (DASH) Starts Sustaining A Gradual Downfall, Bears Taking Control

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  • Dash is unable to commit a strong climb against the market odds. “
  • There is a loss of -0.54% in the DASH/BTC pairdue to which level reached the point of 0.01011378.

After being one of the best performers in the crypto market, DASH is unable to maintain this title.

Currently, DASH has a strong support of $ 60.00  but it is about to lose its new support level of $65.00. Currently, prices are trading at 67.01 and continuously falling.

DASH prices keeping a keen eye on the resistance level of $75.00 but it was the price level of $72.00 against which prices collapsed and currently suffering heavy bullish momentum, prices must have to stop this negative divergence else there will be complete bearish dominance.

Currently the DASH’s market capitalization is$630,024,167 USD $552,216,860 USD with circulative supply of 9,402, 380 DASH.

Dash Price Analysis


DASH’s bulls are started fading against the bears, prices are unable to maintain a gradual climb gradually and there is an increase in the negative trade of the cryptocurrency.

Technical indicators and oscillators started turning red well, as they are showing increase in the selling volume and bearish dominance is approaching soon.

MACD levels are showing that selling volume is maintaining its dominance over the buying volume and there are strong chances of bearish momentum in the prices.

The 24Hr-RSI is in the bearish region after falling down from the bullish zone and currently trading below the crucial level of 50. The prices are unable to stop this bearish momentum.

The 24hr-CCI torched the lowest point of the normal zone after continuing its negative divergence, there is a heavy increase in the selling volume of cryptocurrency, which indicates that prices will maintain this negative divergence.

Resistance Level: $72
Support level:  $60

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