EOS (EOS) Prices Suffered A Bearish Trap At The level Of $3.20

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  • The bulls are trying to commit a comeback and to adopt a gradual positive upsurge.
  • The EOS/BTC pair showing positive signs with an increase of 0.06% bringing the level to 0.00032558.

EOS prices are currently trading between the levels of $3.00 and 2.80 after falling down due to the resistance line present at $3.20.

A falling pattern in the prices was developed due to the resistance line of $ 3.20.  Prices did acquire a sharp and gradual bearish momentum due to this level.

EOS prices continued their trade in the negative momentum only till they acquire the support level of $2.80 Which also boost them up above and provided them positive momentum.

After suffering a major fall in the price in its current trading session prices are still feeling heavy resistance as they acquired a negative momentum.

Currently, prices are at the level of $2.88 and facing heavy variations in them and yet seeking up a surge.

EOS’ current market capital is $2,661,713,828 USD with volume traded of $3,895,991,528 USD and circulative supply of 922,256,780 EOS.

EOS Price Analysis


There is a heavy negative momentum in the prices of the altcoin. Eos is suffering a strong plummet and it acquired this current nature due to the resistance level of $3.15

The technical indicators and oscillators are turned to blue as they are showing an increase in the buying volume means the emergence of bulls is possible.

The MACD levels showing a decrease in the buying volume of EOS after a bullish dominance, prices are now adopting negative trade.

The 24hr-RSI is moving in the bullish region and trading with a slight positive momentum after suffering a heavy plummet from the strong bullish region.

The 24hr-CCI falls down to the normal region. It was trading at the top of the over buying region then bears smash them down to the normal zone.

Resistance level: $3.00

Support level: $2.80

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