John McAfee Says Monero (XMR) Is the Most Used Crypto, Bitcoin’s The Least

  • John McAfee has recently acknowledged the cryptocurrency Monero(XMR) to be the widely used crypto. He alongside put down the crypto king, Bitcoin, asserting that nobody accepts it any longer.
  • He raised a query through his tweet as to why all cryptocurrencies tied to Bitcoin virtually.
  • McAfee pointed out that BTC is not the king even if crypto users trade it the most. 

John McAfee has recently acknowledged the cryptocurrency, Monero (XMR), to be the widely used coin. He alongside put down the crypto king, Bitcoin, asserting that nobody accepts it any longer. McAfee is the founder of the crypto exchange McafeeDex. He has also founded the software enterprise McAfee Associates. 

McAfee is well-known for his interest in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. He has remained a prominent Bitcoin advocate who earlier predicted BTC would knock $1 million by 2020 end. But since recent times, it appears through his confessions like he is no more a fan of the king crypto. 

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John McAfee: Nobody Accepts Bitcoin Any Longer

His assertion came to light through his tweet on May 1. He raised a query as to why all cryptocurrencies tie to Bitcoin virtually in terms of price value.

Furthermore, he, in particular, questioned why Monero tied to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that stands at Zero in terms of privacy. He further cited Monero (XMR) as ideal crypto when it comes to privacy. Monero (XMR) was launched in the year 2014 with the idea to enhance high security and to make it untraceable. 

Landing into controversies through his statements is nothing new for this computer scientist. McAfee’s assertion about BTC attracts quick responses from Bitcoin enthusiasts.  .

One of the Twitter users that BTC is the king. Further stating that it’s the reality, although it must not be that way.

Making a comeback to this tweet, McAfee says BTC is not the king though it is the most widely traded coin. He also pointed out that nobody is willing to accept BTC anymore. Finally, asserting that the crypto everybody uses more widely is Monero.

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