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RaffleNinja Review: Boosting Crypto Adoption One Ticket at a Time

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Designed for the crypto community, by the crypto community, RaffleNinja is the very first online raffle using bitcoin. Users spend a small amount of Bitcoin for the chance to win a variety of prizes.

The mission behind the project is to boost cryptocurrency, one ticket at a time whilst also bringing great prizes at fair odds. In similar services, the likelihood of winning is often concealed and extremely farfetched. RaffleNinja operates transparently in this regard, for example; July’s competitions only have 50 tickets each, if all the tickets are sold early the competition will end and the draw happens live on social media.

What is RaffleNinja?

Starting with the basics, RaffleNinja is an online raffle powered by bitcoin, set up by two friends from the UK. Operating globally, they offer hodler’s the chance to enter into draws for the chance to win prizes, some crypto-related and some not. The option to simply receive the price of the prize in BTC is also available if preferred, or delivery is difficult for your location.

It is officially the first site of its kind, nowhere else on the internet can you win real prizes using bitcoin. RaffleNinja also accepts ETH, DOGE and TRX, with more on the horizon. The first round of competitions starts in July, and includes a Ledger Nano, years subscription to Headspace and a 24 Karat gold bitcoin.

They also have a dedicated crypto content section containing articles, jokes and even quizzes, in which you can test your crypto knowledge and earn a prize. Launching in July they have big ambitions to become a fun-loving crypto community to ride the bitcoin revolution together and win awesome prizes along the way.


Started by two friends in the South of England named Barry and August. Barry is an avid crypto enthusiast & full-time hodler, August is a website engineer and gamer. Barry, who had been looking for ways to start an online business, overheard August on the phone asking Barry’s older brother for a loan to start up a skill-based competition website. Barry got in touch with August, and said he would be happy to get involved if the site could be geared towards the crypto community.

RaffleNinja was born.

The main objective is to increase cryptocurrency adoption by bringing great prizes with fair odds to the crypto-community. All profits will be reinvested back into RaffleNinja can continue to bring bigger and better prizes, and hopefully, one day answer that age-old crypto question, when lambo?

Then Lambo.

How it works

Participating is a very simple process from start to finish, the website has been designed to be minimalistic and easy to navigate.

  • Sign up with your email address so that RaffleNinja can contact you if you win
  • Go into the ‘shop’ section of the website, and add the number of tickets required for the desired prize.
  • Answer a simple question correctly & checkout using the easy to use Bitcoin payment system.

Each ticket represents an equal chance at receiving the prize, the winner achieves an average discount of 98%. At the end of the competition, the winner will be randomly generated live on social media. Said winner will then be contacted privately for a delivery address (or bitcoin address if they select the prize in BTC). Winner’s will also be asked permission for their details to be shared on the website/social media, RaffleNinja pride themselves in respecting their communities privacy.

Affiliate Program

If you are looking to earn some passive income or the chance to win the monthly prizes for free, you can become an affiliate. For every ticket purchased as a result of a referral link the partner receives 50% of the sale, or are rewarded with free tickets, depending on the preference of the affiliate. Any purchase made within 30 days of someone visiting RaffleNinja via the affiliate’s referral link will be counted as a referral sale.

It is early days in the community, RaffleNinja has plans to create the NinjaNetwork of high performing partners, with exclusive opportunities for the high-performing NinjaStars. The easiest way to become part of this network is by using the application form which can be found at

Is it Safe?

The bitcoin and crypto-community, as with any high growth industry, is plagued by scams and Ponzi-schemes. You are right to be sceptical of new projects and we urge you to always be on the lookout.

RaffleNinja have complete transparency with everything that they do. Full terms & conditions and FAQ’s are listed on their website (see: T&C and FAQ’s). They also encourage users to email them with any question or concerns. The winning ticket (and username) is randomly generated live on social media for each competition and all prizes are purchased directly from the relevant manufacturer/distributor.

Only details which are completely necessary to the competition are collected, no data will be shared with third parties, except for the purpose of delivering the prize.


In summary, RaffleNinja offers a completely fresh, genuine, and exciting service to hodler’s looking for fun ways to spend their hard-earned crypto but not dig into their main stash. Created by two friends in order to create a community, bring honest competitions and do their bit for bitcoin adoption, one ticket at a time.

Do you want to do your bit for bitcoin adoption and win prizes?

Join in the competitions at

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