EagleFX Provides Very High Liquidity And Leverage

  • The inception of Bitcoin in 2009 marked an entirely new era of cryptocurrency.
  • Initially, people could buy only a pizza or a can of coke using thousands of Bitcoin but right now a single Bitcoin priced at $9300.
  • Consequently many altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin have evolved soon after Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency industry has evolved and its adoption has increased over the years. And consequently, many trading platforms have emerged and forex is one of them. Forex Trading or Foreign Exchange Trading (sometimes referred to as FTX) is a platform for currency trading. Considering the volatility of the market the risk is also greater, however, under favorable conditions, a trader may be able to gain huge profit. EagleFX is a similar Forex trading platform known for providing high liquidity and leverage. This Forex broker launched in the year 2019. 

Provides You A High Leverage Of 1:500

EagleFX is also known for providing very high leverage at 1:500. The term leverage refers to the amount you are allowed to trade with a relatively small amount of money. Another term related to leverage is the margin. Margin is the nominal value you have to pay. For example, in order to trade $500, the traders have to only pay a margin of $1. Furthermore, users are devoid of transaction fees, while withdrawing or receiving by using a Credit card, Debit card, or Bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, this forex broker provides very liquidity. Liquidity is the feature that enables the users to convert any kind of asset into cash without involving extra price. 

50+ Trading Options On Crypto Assets And CFDs

EagleFX offers both Forex as well as cryptocurrency trading options. In addition, the users also have trading access to commodities as well as the traditional stock markets. There are almost 20+ trading options on CFDs such as gold, crude, copper, and so on. As of cryptocurrency, there are 30+ trading options. Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are options like BCHBTC, OMGUSD, LTCUSD, SANBIT, IOTABIT, NEOUSD. EagleFX provides you the best cryptocurrency pairs for trading with extra tight spreads.

EagleFX has a very high competitive spread and provides its users with only the best option for trading. 

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