HolyTransaction Wallet Adds Staking Feature for PIVX, PPC, GRC, & BLK Cryptocurrencies

staking coins holytransaction thecoinrepublic
staking coins holytransaction thecoinrepublic

Cryptocurrency can feel complicated at times. Portfolio management, cryptocurrency exchanges, staking, DeFi — there’s separate apps for all these things, but why not roll them into one?

HolyTransaction universal cryptocurrency wallet does precisely that. From your free HolyTransaction wallet, you can securely store a ton of cryptocurrency assets, buy and sell them using the built-in exchange, and transact them.

Now, you can add staking to the list of powerful features found in your HolyTransaction wallet. Starting now, HolyTransaction wallets support native staking for PIVX, PPC, GRC, and BLK cryptocurrencies.

What’s the big deal? Well, in short, HolyTransaction wallets help you earn rewards from your cryptocurrencies by doing nothing more than holding them. This is the essence of having your assets work for you, instead of just sitting there collecting dust.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of staking your digital assets using the HolyTransaction wallet, let’s do a quick review of the concept behind staking — just so that we’re on the same page.

Staking PIVX, PPC, GRC, & BLK Explained

So, why should you stake your tokens? Wait — what is staking in the first place?

Put simply, staking is the act of securing a blockchain network by acting as a block validator. To snag this coveted role, you must stake your tokens. This tells the network that you have skin in the game, and also means that if you validate false transactions, your stake will be slashed as a consequence.

Barring any bad faith staking, you’ll instead earn a staking reward in the form of more tokens. Think about this for a moment — your PIVX, PPC, GRC, or BLK can generate more of themselves by doing nothing more than validating the blockchain.

Blockchains are highly technical, right? Which makes staking sound like something very complicated. Staking used to be complex to do, but over time has become dead simple.

To stake PIVX, PPC, GRC, and BLK, all you need to do is hold them in a wallet. Now, each of these tokens has its own native wallet built by their respective developers. That’s great and all, but if you’re holding several tokens, it’s kind of annoying to toggle between and manage several wallets.

Is there a way to stake different tokens in one place? The answer is yes — welcome to the HolyTransaction universal crypto wallet.

How to Stake PIVX, PPC, GRC, & BLK Using HolyTransaction Crypto Wallet

Staking cryptocurrency with the HolyTransaction cryptocurrency wallet has plenty of nice advantages. It’s safe, super secure, free, and lets you earn staking rewards on several different tokens.

Getting started is simple, costs you nothing, and makes holding and staking cryptocurrency a breeze. Here’s what you do:

  1. Head over to HolyTransaction.com, then click sign up to create a wallet.
  2. Once created, select PIVX, PPC, GRC, or BLK and click deposit. This will generate your wallet address — make sure only to send the designated cryptocurrency to this address.
  3. After sending, wait for the network confirmations before your crypto arrives in the wallet.
  4. Now that your coins have deposited, they’ll automatically begin staking without any action from your side as long as you keep them in the wallet.
  5. There is no lock-up period, meaning you can send or withdraw them any time — however, if you do, your coins automatically stop the staking process.

What are you waiting for? Get staking with HolyTransaction today to begin stacking up rewards.

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