Raoul Pal’s inclusive vision for cryptocurrency

  • The CEO and Co-founder of Real Vision, Raoul Pal, proposes to facilitate his users unparalleled access to the best insights and analysis of some expert financial minds
  • He announced free access to his channel Real Vision Crypto, promising the users a coherent understanding of the revolutionary digital market
  • Raoul is an active advocate of Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • He regularly updates his predictions and observations for the same on all potential platforms

Raoul Pal, the CEO of Real Vision and Global Macro Investor, aspires to provide unparalleled access to  the best insights and explorations of some brilliant financial minds. He takes complete pride in his value added designations of being a Business Cycle Economist,  an Economic Historian, and an Investment Strategist. 

The announcement of Free Access to Real Vision Crypto

In his recent announcement today via LinkedIn, Raoul Pal proclaimed that his freshly introduced channel Real Vision Crypto, which facilitates   learning about the fast  paced revolution of digital assets , is now accessible for Free. In short, the channel will now be open for all without any monetary charges levied on them. His  team aims to provide the world’s best crypto content.

The aptitude offered by Real Vision Crypto

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The channel holds its own established website, the tagline being: “UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING”. Under their  provisions and claims, the channel explains how the current digital revolution around the world is going to influence the future of money. Moreover, it asks its readers  to invest in  this revolutionary financial market and engage in this opportunity of wealth-creation. The channel promises to grasp  the digital space and provide the users with a coherent understanding of the same.

 The company also takes pride in its members being the best of financial minds , who will help in driving this digital  revolution. They will also hold  interviews with such experts in the field of macro, crypto and finance, ensuring that their users get access to prominent forms of knowledge .

Raoul Pal’s take on ETH VS BTC

The former Goldman Sachs Executive  hinted  that according to him the price of Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest digital currency, has the right potential to strike $20,000 in the bull cycle. He based his argument on Metcalfe’s Law, where he explained that “ETH = BTC” , no matter what the investors say. 

In addition, he stated that ETH’s market capitalisation is advancing at a much  faster rate than that of Bitcoin, suggesting the first one million active addresses.Consequently,  Raoul suggested a possibility of a larger correction .Commenting on Bitcoin, Raoul Pal  predicted a major BTC fix on the horizon. He added that some serious technical developments are going on after observing the peak of BTC in its weekly charts. 

Thus, Raoul Pal’s involvement in the  dynamics of the crypto market is consistently very up-to-date. His participation is indispensable and his channel also wishes to work on the same lines by providing the users with more clarity about the complexities of the market.

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