$70M Crypto fraud charges on a Serbian man

A Serbian man accused of $70 million worth of crypto fraud
  • Crypto fraud accused Antonije Stojilkovic has been extradited to the US by Sergia
  • Stojakovic had more than a dozen partners residing in Siberia, China, and elsewhere around the globe
  • The co-conspirators created a bunch of more than twenty fake trading platform to catfish and defraud crypto investors

Crypto fraud and crime are also soaring as the prices in the crypto market. On Friday, the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) released an official announcement regarding crypto fraud by a Serbian man. According to the announcement, Antonije Stojilkovic, a Serbian resident, has been extradited by the country to the US. Serbia handed the man to face charges over conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. It is known that Stojilkovic has defrauded the cryptocurrency investors out of more than $70 million by targeting investors across several continents.

Crypto fraud activity operated on several platforms

According to the DoJ announcement, Stojilkovic was not alone in defrauding cryptocurrency investors around the world. It is known that more than a dozen partners were with Stojilkovic in the crypto fraud case. All the members included in defrauding investors were based in China, Serbia, and elsewhere. 

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However, the evil group has created more than twenty bogus trading platforms for their evil purpose. Platforms like Options Rider, BancdeOptions, Start Options, Dragon Mining, BTC Mining Factor, and Trinity Mining are some platforms designed by the co-conspirators. Indeed, the $70 million scams had spanned several nations around the world in American citizens alike.

The co-conspirators catfished cryptocurrency investors

Like every scam, Stojilkovic’s crypto fraud case played with the trust of investors with fake promises. First of all, no trading activity took place through such platforms. According to the DoJ, the co-conspirators group displayed fake figures on their scam trading portals, fabricating returns on the client’s investment. The group generated a fake series of fake wire receipts and fraudulent history logs. Following the aforementioned fact, the investors think that the platform is providing legitimate activity. However, the con-artists used those investor’s funds towards the scam’s operating costs and personal expenses.

Did any country other than the US make similar extradition?

According to the Charge Matthew J. deSarno, FBI Special Agent, the co-conspirators targeted several Northern Texas residents. For this reason, Stojakovic was brought to the US. It is expected that the evil actor could face imprisonment of twenty years in the US jail. However, still, there are no such claims from other countries to extradite Stojilkovic.

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