Enterprise Blockchain is fresh and alive

Money Reimagine Podcast: Enterprise Blockchain is alive
  • Ethereum’s domestic token is rising by over 25% 
  • The past two weeks were all about the enthusiastic trading in ETH
  • There is a lot of potential in the blockchain-founded computing solutions

Ethereum’s domestic token is rising by over 25% on the week to strike new record highs. It also aims to outgrow Bitcoin’s profits. However, the Ethereum-centric decentralized finance record highlighted the total value invited in DeFi. 

The numbers speak highly of the complementary connection between DeFi and Ether. Although, they also reflect upon the pressure on developers to perform well on the Ethereum 2.0 update.

Proactive trading in ETH

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The past two weeks were all about the enthusiastic trading in ETH, DeFi tokens, and various other crypto assets. The highlight was the controversial market story of the WallStreetBets/GameStop incident. 

The respective fallout from that episode was the topic of discussion in this week’s podcast of Money Reimagined. The conversation in the podcast merges the WSB/GameStop phenomenon into everything ranging from FDR to Occupy Wall Street to monitoring capitalism.

Though the headlines this week emphasized the huge failure for the most prominent enterprise IBM Blockchain, a bigger problem needs attention. Bitcoin maximalists and crypto skeptics will observe these respective stories as verification that enterprise blockchain is no more. They will argue that there are no feasible business inputs for blockchain technology apart from assisting domestic cryptocurrencies for financials or as a store of worth.

The potentials of Blockchain trading

However, we can argue that there is a lot of potential in blockchain-founded computing solutions. The team is working to overcome various sticking points that hampered the technology’s real-world deployment in the beginning.

Meanwhile, blockchain technologies are already functioning actively in the real world. Some major spaces are the supply-chain programs, public health spaces, and credentialing systems. However, they exist in the backdrop as a low-key technique in the form of multifaceted solutions. 

The heavy truth is that for blockchain business consortia to become a success, they need to welcome outsiders. The acceptance needs to emerge despite all the risky threats they pose. They need to accept the belief of open-access innovation that does not need permissions. Because this constitutes the heart of publicly accessible blockchain-based crypto networks.

Big Blue plays a very strong role in all this. Once you drop IBM’s consulting division, you discover that open-minded phenomenons to blockchain still exist. In such cases, the aim is to figure out the building and development, despite the open distributed ledger architecture.

Perspectives on cryptocurrency regulation and advancement continue to differ across the governments everywhere. However, one consistent perspective is the wariness of crypto-assets. The major difference then is the pace at which every government functions advance with respective technology.

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