Andrew Yang dreams of making New York Crypto-friendly

Yang intends to turn NYC into crypto city
  • Andrew Yang has an inclination towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • He plans to make New York city a crypto-friendly city as soon as he becomes the Mayor of NYC
  • Francis Xavier Suarez, Mayor, Miami already has great plans for the city to turn it into the first crypto-hub in America
  • When Yang contested for the US presidency, he accepted donations for his campaign in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Andrew Yang, one of the well-known names in the political circle of the United States is a cryptocurrency lover. He shows his intention to make New York a Bitcoin (BTC) and virtual currency hub. 

Andrew Yang & Francis Xavier Suarez 

Andrew Yang, democratic candidate for New York City mayor, said as soon as he becomes the mayor of NYC  he will support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even during the campaign for his presidency. 

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Francis Xavier Suarez, mayor of Miami already has plans to make the city the first crypto hub. In a tweet, Suarez acclaimed that he is one of the proudest mayors to get the city into Bitcoin. The employees are paid in BTC, residents pay fees in BTC, taxes in BTC, city treasury in BTC. He claimed that the city is unreal and is one of the first Bitcoin Municipals in the United States. He thanked the city for turning into a BTC friendly city.

While on the other side, Andrew Yang also tweeted his intention of making New York a crypto-friendly territory in the US when he becomes the Mayor. Yang is one of the leading contenders in the Democratic party race for mayor. 

Yang’s long-term plan for Cryptocurrencies after becoming a Mayor

Andrew has been a renowned name in the crypto market for a long time as he is an ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies. During the US presidency contesting time, he accepted donations for his campaign in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  

A legal framework for crypto regulation will be made soon in the country as planned by Yang.. Digital assets have shown a quick growth. This growth represents a large amount of value and economic activity. Also, many cryptocurrency firms like Gemini are in New York.They have faith that Andrew Yang’s initiative will bring some reforms in the state’s crypto rules. 

Following the same pattern, the mayor of Miami has the same intentions as Yang’s. He revealed that he wants the addition of Bitcoin to the city’s balance sheet. The residents of the city will be investing in bitcoin and will be able to pay for services including taxes in cryptocurrency.

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