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How to trade some US blue-chip stocks outside the USA?

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Robinhood and Webull like trading service providers are popular platforms used for trading US stocks. Several investors seek diversification in stock investments. Many desire to invest across different sectors, industries, market caps. Major companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Apple, etc, have impressed several globally with their growth stories. These such corporations have remained highly profitable since their establishment. Hence, several tend to look beyond the borders of their country for investment opportunities.

Is it worth entering the US stocks market?

We have observed that the United States stock market indices have been less volatile compared to other countries. Moreover, with most mega-corporations headquartered in the nation, the country offers investors a more diversified investment avenue. No doubt, the US stock market has outperformed other countries over the last decade. Indeed, experts and veteran investors consider that the US stock market is at the center of global innovations, and we can invest in promising firms during its initial stages.

Direct investment or indirect investment?

Investors globally can invest in the United States stocks market directly or indirectly. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are among the examples of indirect investment. On the other hand, opening an overseas trading account with any broker can help acquire blue-chip company shares directly.

On the other hand, in this digital era, investors can also acquire tokenized assets. Such assets are created on a distributed ledger or blockchain. Each of the tokenized assets represents either digital or physical assets. Such assets include private equity shares, real estate, commodities, physical goods, etc.

Finding a genuine broker is tedious

While finding a reliable broker, it is significant to remember that investing in overseas companies has some restrictions. Some restrictions on certain investment instruments or the number of trades that we can make. However, the restrictions vary upon different brokerage firms. 

It is also essential to ensure all the costs and fees while choosing a trading platform. The cost of trading and currency conversion rate could be high. We have sorted the list following the scenario, where it is a very tedious task to find a reliable broker offering services with minimal charges and fees. Hence, we have observed that cryproexchange is one of the best cruptoplatforms offering some tremendous trading services. is a unique trading platform is a Belarus-based trading platform r. The platform offers a wide range of tokenized assets with more than 3k financial instruments. Such tokenised assets include tokenised government bonds, tokenised indices, tokenised shares, cryptocurrency, and tokenised commodities. In the current scenario, the cryptoplatform accepts clients from 183 countries globally. allows making minimum deposits

A trader can begin trading with a minimum of $10 deposit, which is one of the lowest among all trading brokers. Users of the cryptoplatform are allowed to fund an accountvia a range of methods. Such methods include direct transfers, cards, Union Pay, and Yandex Pay. To ensure security, cryptoplatform С keeps its users’ funds in segregated accounts.

At the same time, the withdrawal limit is also very minimum. Hence, the users can withdraw as low as $100.

Is the trading platform reliable?

Acts of  High Technology Park of Belarus regulates crptoexchange Notably, Currency Com Bel LLC  is an authorized legal entity conducting its activities  under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8. Notably, the decree allows such companies  to offer services related to operating of cryptoplatforms. 

The cryptoplatform strongly focuses on complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) norms. Hence, we have observed that the robust verification process ensures all vital information is collected before the user can begin to trade on the cryptoplatform.

Trade a wide range of tokenised assets

The Belarus-based broker has created a tokenized asset exchange that can be used to trade a range of tokenised assets. We have found that traders are provided with two tokenized government bonds. Twenty-six tokenized indices. Two thousand nine hundred twenty-six tokenized shares, including some blue-chip firms of the US tokenised stock market. 229 tokenised currenciesand thirty tokenised  commodities.

Users can opt to invest in any tokenised asset  that they are most comfortable with. Notably, such a wider range o  assets provides the opportunity to earn from multiple tokenised assets simultaneously.

Commissions and charges

The trading broker levies four types of fees on traders. A trading fee is levied on both tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies. For each cryptocurrency trade, the crypto market taker fee is 0.075%. In contrast, the crypto market maker fee is -0.025%.

Whereas, in terms of tokenized assets trade, the cryptoplatform charges an exchange fee of 0.0125%. And for tokenized currencies 0.002%. Moreover, spreads offered by cryptoexchange are fairly narrow. A trader can begin at $0.05 from Bitcoin.

Сryptoexchange also applied a funding fee to continuously leveraged trades held according to the market rate. However, the fee varies according to the type of asset that is being held. And the final fee is for overnight funding. This is added to or subtracted from a trader’s account when having a booked order after a certain time.

Notably, there are no hidden fees that are charged to the users. It is also worth noting that the traders will have to pay a variable charge of up to 2.4% for withdrawal with a fixed fee of up to 3%.

Additional features of the trading platform

The trading broker provides a proprietary web-site to its clients. The web-site provides a robust experience that is highly user-friendly with an interactive interface. The users can find 75 types of technical charts, useful trading information, news, and extensive trading support.

It is known that cryptoexchange offers one of the best customer support in the industry. The 24/7 available technical team consists of experts that can be reached via chat, email, phone call, or the website. The broker offers its services in ten different languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

In addition, Cryptoexchange also offers affiliate programs. Traders can refer to other users to earn some exciting bonuses.

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