H3RO3S raises $1.45M from Industry Heavyweights to create gamified social task marketplace

H3RO3S is an innovative peer-to-peer platform that uses an AI-driven talent-based matching system to connect users with useful skills to users seeking tasks to be completed. Combining bartering, task marketplace, social networking and blockchain.

London, UK, October 11, 2021 H3RO3S, the world’s first real-life play-to-earn platform is pleased to announce that it has closed an oversubscribed seed and private round of funding. Choosing investment partners who could help both fund the project, but also add significant value through their own networks, experience and philosophy was important for the H3RO3S founders.

Overview of strategic investors 

The sale round concluded with H3RO3S selecting some of the most well respected investors within the crypto space. H3RO3S’ strategic investors include Evan Luthra, Moon Carl, Bitcoin Guru, Mandy ICO Research, Orion Depp, Maximus Capital, Alexandra Karpova, GAINS Associates, DCI Capital, Lotus Capital, CSP DAO, Halvings Capital plus many others.

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“Greg is a true leader and offers a wealth of information and experience in this space”

CEO, Maximus Capital 

“H3RO3S aims to become a sort of decentralized Craigslist gamified experience and we think it’s a product that can break through the market. The team is led by Gregory who has shown love and passion for his project from the very first minute. They have all the ingredients to create a successful project”

CEO, Halvings Capital

Creating opportunities for students at a local level

H3RO3S recognizes the disruption caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic to the lives of most  students. Subsequent interventions by governments to contain the virus have affected people’s well-being due to the need for social distance. As the world recovers, the H3RO3S platform aims to offer relief and income-generating avenues for their global audience. By incentivizing people to complete tasks and redeem assets for cash, the platform would provide a diverse range of users a platform for their skills, and a local network within which to use them.

There are 45 talents in the H3RO3S ecosystem and four functions– Profile, Map, SOS, and Job. There are over 100 tasks available for the users to complete depending on the corresponding talent they chose. All talents and tasks are tailored to meet the needs of their users. The primary goal in 2022, according to H3RO3S’s roadmap, is to be represented in all universities in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and to open the market to the broader population as they expand, reaching a wider audience.

What is coming up next for H3RO3S

The platform’s aim is to become a central component in university life in the United Kingdom by the end of 2022. After which, the team will focus on growing the platform globally one university at a time. This rapid organic growth will be achieved by the shareability of the platform, and it’s applications to students here and now. This growth is expected to create a flywheel effect, with demand for the platform set to outpace local availability – at least initially. 

About H3RO3S

H3RO3S is a Revolutionary play-to-earn gaming system that attaches incentives to the different  products, levels and talents on the platform and allows the end-users to redeem these  incentives by completing tasks for one another. 

Website: https://h3ro3s.org/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/H3RO3SCOIN 

Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/coinh3ro3s 

Official Discord Group  https://discord.gg/me3WpJ67N2 

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