NuCypher and Keep Network plans to implement KEANU rc0

Both the communities have supported KEANU rc0
  • NuCypher and Keep Network is ready to make an unprecedented collaboration
  • The vast majority of both the communities have voted to support the network upgrade
  • The coalition of the projects will bring more new features with more fees for validators

NuCypher and Keep Network are making an unprecedented collaboration with a code name “KEANU.” Both the networks will undertake the first decentralized on-chain network upgrade combining two protocols. On Friday, the snapshot vote concluded, resulting in majority support from both the project’s communities after months of collaboration. Notably, the official announcement from the team behind Keep Network noted that the collaboration is moving forward, with approximately 93% votes from Keep’s stakes voting for the initiative. And approximately 78% of staked KEEP holders were also supporting the measure.

Source: Twitter

Several community proposals propelled KEANU

While following the measures in detail, it is observed that the KEANU discussion took place through Medium posts, YouTube videos, open calls, memes, and spirited debates on Keep Network’s Discord platform. It is also observed that the network upgrade is driven by a number of community-generated proposals from both the community members. Indeed, the final proposal for which the successful snapshot vote was undertaken is the RC0 proposal.

NuCypher and Keep Network celebrates their community

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With the recent snapshot voting, it seems that both the projects have an incredible community. According to the team behind the Keep Network, almost everything happening in the crypto industry is propelled by speculation and the pursuit of wealth. However, what the community has worked over the past couple of months is genuinely unprecedented. Indeed, the measure resulted in creating a powerhouse platform for threshold cryptocurrency and a decentralized bridge between blockchain networks.

The collaboration of NuCypher will bring more new services with more fees for validators. KEANU upgrade calls for the combination of the Keep and NuCypher protocols, staking networks, and shared development. Ultimately, the collaboration will allow both the communities to rally behind a unified network that inherits one of the best aspects in the market.

Keep is ready to move forward

With the latest voting results, Keep Network is ready to move forward on its roadmap. Notably, the roadmap sees the merge develop in concert with TBTC v2, which offers a whole new level of scalability with a seamless user experience. Moreover, TBTC v2 will also see the community evolving into a new and decentralized form of KEANU DAO. Indeed, both the NuCypher and the Keep Network are on their way to achieve the essential milestone on their roadmap.

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