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Metanomics: Expression For a Trillion-Dollar Metaverse Break

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  • Metaverse is a virtual universe, and can best be experienced through AR/VR devices, but can also be accessed through mobiles and PCs.
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co have released a report under the title “Opportunities in the Metaverse,” revealing the strategies to become a Trillion Dollar Opportunity.
  • Metanomics were addressed by JP Morgan as economics of the metaverse, hence metanomics, an expression for opportunities in the market region of virtual worlds.

Metaversal Opportunities

Metaverse is growing at a breakneck pace, as mammoths are entering space and placing financial bets and filing trademarks in this virtual universe. This could mean a lot in an economic sense for the metaverse.

JP Morgan and Co recently released a report under the name “Opportunities in the Metaverse,” laying out their strategies regarding the metaverse to become a Buck Trilli opportunity.

As per the report, metanomics are the economics of metaverse as addressed by JP Morgan. The expression is utilized for market opportunities in virtual worlds.

Report says, imagine having a virtual avatar, and you desire to change what you are wearing, you will be capable of acquiring limited-edition, virtually branded clothes that you can choose after exploring a digital showroom.

Metanomics is not the latest notion, as per JP Morgan.

Second Life was amongst initial games to determine market opportunities. Expression was used by Rob Bloomfield during a teaching course on game.

A major difference among metanomics previously and now is Web3’s growth and virtual assets tokenization.

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Why Are Metanomics Vital?

Report addresses, former virtual games involving Roblox Corps, Electronic Arts’ The Sims, Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft as well as Minecraft, now possessed by Microsoft.

Metanomics may climb higher mountains on their way across numerous sectors, parallel to the virtual world. This may involve rental agreements, credit, and mortgages. Virtual clothing can also be utilized as collateral to sign a mortgage.

NFT growth and virtual ownership could be expanded to other sectors inside the metaverse.

Cathi Woods, Ark Funds CEO, has called the metaverse a multi-trillion opportunity, while Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has called it a “marketing buzzword.”

This report by JP Morgan is initial from a prime monetary institution to shed light on the vision of a massive marketplace, for selling and acquiring digital goods and probable trillion Dollar opportunity.

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