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Reese Witherspoon To “Walk The Line” To Make ETH-Fueled NFT Collection Based Movie

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  • “Walk The Line” actress, Hollywood A-lister, and Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon is planning to release TV shows as well as movies regarding NFT Sector.
  • She made a tweet expressing her exhilaration towards collaboration with a couple of prominent names in NFT space to expand her media house.
  • She made a statement regarding the dominance of males in NFT as well as the cryptocurrency sector, and presence of leaders such as World of Women.

Legally Blonde” Jumps Into NFT Movie Production

Hollywood A-Lister and Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon’s media house Hello Sunshine has joined forces with NFT collective World of Women that is taking down the dominance of males in the Non-Fungible Token sector alongside commemorating equality and inclusivity.

World of Women was released in July 2021 with around 10,000 artworks from female creators, swiftly becoming one of the well-liked and flourishing traders in the NFT sector.

As a part of collaboration, Hello Sunshine is going to develop a universe full of World of Women collection characters, which is going to be a franchise in future in the entertainment sector, and will feature unscripted as well as scripted TV shows, and feature films.

This step ahead is also a sign of how prominently NFTs are growing and the potential they have for conventional media organizations prowling for intellectual properties.

The collaboration among World of Women and Hello Sunshine will also release a live event in sync with other distinct NFT projects led by women. The objective is to offer a myriad of knowledge to women regarding the NFT sector.

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Women Are Not Behind The Men In This Sector

Reese Witherspoon stated in a statement that while the NFT and cryptocurrency sector have a male dominance now, aspiring leaders such as World of Women are developing astounding communities for females amid this mass media transformation and tech.

She added that Hello Sunshine is exhilarated regarding this collaboration with World of Women to extend their character universe and to build innovative unscripted as well as scripted content.

Hello Sunshine is eyeing to get involved with World of Women community at each step of this collaboration and generating opportunities for the collection holders, to work together with the media house on transforming WoW creations into robust stories.

The move isn’t entirely unexpected. Witherspoon has been vocal about her backing for World of Women’s purpose, including using an NFT from World of Women’s inventory as her profile photo. She’s also been promoting the metaverse, digital art, and cryptocurrency through her social media presence.

World of Women and Hello Sunshine have a similar aim. Both businesses are run by women, and they make a point of encouraging female artists and authors.

Hello Sunshine made “The Morning Show” which telecasts on Apple TV, which includes Olivia Newman’s version of Delia Owens’, Aline Brosh McKenna’s “Your Place or Mine” and “Where the Crawdads Sing.”

In August, Witherspoon transferred a controlling ownership in Hello Sunshine to Candle Media, which is managed by Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, two previous Disney executives.

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