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Unusual $250 million scheme by the founder of Internet Computer to help Ukraine

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  • Dominic Williams, the founder of Internet Computer (ICP) and DFINITY, has created an unusual scheme to hasten the conclusion of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by using smart contracts and $250 million in cryptocurrency prices.

The Internet Computer, developed by DFINITY, is a public blockchain and protocol aimed at decentralizing the internet. It was introduced in May 2021.

Williams’ plan focuses on using blockchain technology to counter fake propaganda and motivate the Russian citizens to learn more about the actual situation in Ukraine through crypto awards.

Plan to stop gaslighting Russian citizens

Williams’ Wednesday plan focuses on opposing misinformation and enlightening the Russian public, which he claims is “totally uninformed” of the reality of what is happening in Ukraine, and which will then, in turn, inform the Russian populace.

Willaims’ $250 million figure is based on his suggestion that each participant is paid $50 for each film watched, with the goal of enticing five million Russians to watch the educational movies.

“We should not expect sanctions alone will turn the Russian people to understand the ground reality and stand against their leaders,” Williams continues, “the simple reason being, that they control their media, which dutifully pours out carefully-crafted propaganda and misleading information.”

The concept claims that blockchain technology and smart contracts might be used to bring together huge groups of verified Russian citizens in virtual reality parties nicknamed “people parties” to watch “informative media” about the war:

“Smart contracts would produce a new crypto account for each successful participant,” the document said, “which they could access and administer via an Internet Identity.”

Many factors must fall into place for the plan to work. The most crucial factor is that the internet remains accessible without interference from the Russian government, which would make such a vast scheme possible. Officials in Moscow are apparently considering cutting the country from online, according to Twitter responses.

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