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Forex Trading Hours: Limitless Trading in an Endless Market

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Forex Trading
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Forex trading hours means non-stop trading folks can do in Foreign Exchange at any time of day or night (except for weekends), and trade as they wish.

Forex market is known by various other names such as currency market, foreign exchange, or FX, which is an international OTC (Over the Counter) market for currency trading.

This sector determines Forex rate for each currency. It involves every aspect of acquiring, trading, and selling of currencies are determined or current prices. With respect to trading volume, it is by far the greatest market globally, with credit market coming after it.

Usually, this market is utilized by folks involved into international trade, means who receives payment in native currency of other nation. For instance, someone from Canada is getting USD as payment for their services. In case CAD increases in value with respect to USD, the receiver of US dollar will experience extra profit in addition to trade profit, and vice versa.

This market remains open all day internationally except for the weekend. If you explore foreign exchange market, from Monday to Friday, you’ll find out that there’s at least one market open for trading even at unusual hours.

Digging Deeper Into Forex Trading Hours

Global currency markets are comprised of hedge funds, investment management organizations, central banks, commercial organizations, banks, as well as, investors and retail forex agents all across the globe.

As this market functions in multiple time zones, it can be explored at any time, excluding the weekend.

Global currency market is not overshadowed by a sole market exchange but an international exchange network. Forex trading hours are based on when trading is active in all partaking nations.

While timezones overrun, most usually accepted timezone for every region is as follows.

CountryTime Zone
New York8 AM – 5 PM EST (1 PM -10 PM UTC)
Tokyo7 PM – 4 AM EST (12 AM – 9 AM UTC)
Sydney5 PM – 2 AM EST (10 PM – 7 AM UTC)
London3 AM – 12 Noon EST (8 AM – 5 PM UTC)

A couple of the busiest time zones are NYC and London. 

While Forex market is around the clock market, some currencies in numerous surfacing market are not traded all day long. Most traded currencies globally involve NZD, CAD, AUD, GBP, JPY, Eur, and USD.

What Are Forex Currency Pairs?

Currency Pairs are basically national currencies from two nations paired for trading on Forex marketplace. Both currencies contain exchange rates where trade will have its position basis. All trading inside foreign exchange, no matter it is purchasing, selling, or trading, will be organized via currency pair.

Most commonly utilized trading pairs are CNY (Chinese Yuan), CHF (Swiss franc), AUD (Australian Dollar), GBP (British Pound), JPY (Japanese Yen), CAD (Canadian Dollar), EUR (Euro), and USD (United States Dollar)

Almost all currencies globally are available for trading as a pair, but a few pairs trade more often than the rest. All of major currency pairs have USD.

USD/JPY (Japanese Yen), NZD/USD (Kiwi Dollar), USD/CHF (Dollar Swissy), USD/GBP (Pound-Dollar) are a few of most usual currencies pairs outside Eurodollars.

Top Currency Pairs In Forex Market Now.


Cause Behind Forex Endless Trading Hours

Forex market’s ability to trade all day is due in part to distinct time zones, and fact trades are organized over a system of computers instead of any single tangible exchange which closes at a specific time.

For example, if folks hear that USD closed at a particular rate, it denotes rate at market close in New York City. This is because rest of currencies globally will keep trading, unlike securities.

Securities such as local bonds, commodities, and stocks are not as relevant or in requirement on a global stage and thus are not needed to trade beyond standard business hours in the issuer’s home nation.

Trading demand in these markets is not sufficient to justify commencing 24 hours a day because of focus on local market, which means that it is likely that just a few stocks will be traded at 3 A.M. in United States.

Some Major Regions Of Forex Market

Europe is encompassed of prime monetary centers like Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, and London. Institutions, dealers, and banks all organize forex trading for themselves and their customers in all of these markets.

Each day of Forex trading commences with opening of Australian region, followed by Europe and finally North America. As one area’s markets close, next one opens, or is already operating, and keeps trading in Forex market. These markets will frequently overcome for some hours, offering some of the most up and running forex trading periods.

For instance, if an Australian Forex trader wakes up at 3 in the morning and desires to trade a currency, they won’t be able to do that via forex dealers available in Australia, but they can do a desired number of trades via North American or European Traders.

Best Platform For Forex Trading

In Forex markets, leverage is usually as high as 1:100. Putting this simply, for every $100 in folks account, they can trade upto $10,000 in value.

Several traders thinks that reasoning behind such high leverage is because leverage is a risk function. If account is correctly managed, risk here automatically becomes manageable, or what other reason can be their to provide such kind of leverage.

If you are eyeballing for forex trading and wants to get your hands on it, EagleFX is your platform to go. You can commence trading here for as low as $10. It currently supports a cluster of 55 currencies with more on the way.

Now the best part, it offers a leverage of 1:500, which means through $100, you can trade up to $50,000.

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