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Joe Rogan, Globe’s Highest-Paid Podcaster, Is Keen On Brave Browser

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  • Joe Rogan, comedian, and podcaster, host of one of the most well-liked podcasts globally, debated digital privacy.
  • With data platforms becoming a rapidly vital issue all over the globe, the once niche products like Brave browser, are ready to attain a massive new audience.
  • Brave is a web browser that offers rewards in BAT (Basic Attention Token) for utilizing it. The more you use, the more tokens you get.

Joe Rogan Uses Brave Browser

Joe Rogan, the host of one of the most well-liked podcasts all over the globe, discussed virtual privacy in an episode and revealed that he uses Brave Browser.

He stated that he utilizes the Brave browser to evade any surveillance.

With data privacy becoming a rapidly vital matter all over the globe, once niche products like Brave browsers are braced to witness a swarm of fresh individuals.

Brave Browser remains a ride for over a couple of years, breaking milestones after milestones and initiating the latest attributes and upgrades on a monthly basis. The organization surpassed 50 Million users by the end of 2021 and was followed by a massive, but unintentional marketing accelerator when it received a shoutout on the globe’s most well-liked podcast.

Joe Reagon, on his podcast, debated digital privacy with guest of the show Reggie Watts. Both made comments regarding the prevailing existence of sponsored ads and digital tracing tools and approaches on how to avert them.

Watts, also a comedian, stated that he utilizes Brave while doing shopping on the internet, as looking for products on Chrome browser or Google can result in values getting artificially pumped.

“I Use Brave,” was the reply of Joe Rogan, adding afterward that he also utilized DuckDuckGo rather Google as his core search engine.

Is Brave The Future Of Digital Privacy?

But, in spite of appearing satisfied with the protection they received from Brave, both Watts and Rogan stayed skeptical of any intensive data protection software being enacted in a long run.

While this remains a vital topic for debate, identification services such as Brave are becoming important to exhibit the significance of digital privacy. Google’s invasive tracing policies, which were once a concern of a little privacy-conscious niche, are now being debated by some of the most impactful individuals in the media.

As Brave browser has experienced a prominent organic growth both in total creators and users in the platform, there’s no wonder that it will also organically pop up in debates regarding data tracing.

At the press time, Joe Rogan’s channel had a total of 4.5 Trillion views.

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