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NFTs Dominating Streaming With Respect To Income, Artists Diverting Towards Web3 — right along Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg
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  • Snoop Dogg, an entrepreneur, rapper and songwriter dropped Death Row Vol. 2 as an NFT on Sound(dot)xyz, where all copies got sold.
  • Several famed personalities have touted NFTs in recent times, either doing promotion for their products or hyping a latest investment.
  • Instead of depending on streaming service or a label, blockchain enables artists to command their pricing, receive secondary market royalties, and link to their community.

Web3: Not An Utopian Future, But Neither It Is Something Less

Although Heno, Black Dave, MoRuf and Europe were just featured at prime mix with Snoop Dogg, they have all been trading NFTs since 2021, which is a considerable time frame in world of Web3. However, Black Dave initiated making other type of NFTs back in December 2020.

LA-based singer, Imam Europe has been in music sector for over 10 years, and initiated selling NFTs for her song back in November previous year. She states that artistic freedom is what initially piqued her interest in Web3.

She stated that she enjoys being able to launch the music she wants, and when, where and how she wants to do it. She further added that she appreciates financial independence which comes with finally having the music valued at its actual value that it deserves.

Black Dave, the rapper, initiated creating music NFTs back in March 2021, and also called Web3 “as a place to be free.” As being a Charleston-based artist, he did not have “IRL success” in the conventional music sector, but has developed a Web3 following.

MoRuf has been “conducting this music stuff” for a decade, but initiated making music NFTs after getting “quite tired of old conventional formula,” he stated. As per the artist, Web3 is redefining what artists make utilizing their own power.

Latest NFT Mix Launch By Snoop Dogg

The initial drop of Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Session: Vol 2 NFT music launch sold for a total of 100 Ethereum, which is equal to $2,884,000 as per its live price.

All the artists featured on Snoop Dogg’s mixtape agreed on terms that with NFTs, they can receive far more than what they are getting with streaming services operating today.

Nancy J. Allen

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