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WoodenMantra.NFT: A Cutting Edge NFT To Look After South Indian Conventional Woodcarving Art 

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NFTs are a hot topic these days. These digital assets are in crypto news every day either because of the multi-billion dollar sales or hacks, anyway it’s quite evident that NFTs have entered the mainstream space. 

NFT is a type of digital asset that is unique and the record of whose uniqueness exists on the blockchain and is not interchangeable since no other asset can ever hold the same value. NFTs are secured through cryptography. 

While a physical NFT is a non-fungible token that is linked to a physical asset. One such intriguing NFT is WoodenMantra physical NFTs. These NFTs are quite fascinating, let’s see how!

What Are WoodenMantra.NFT ?

Wooden Mantra was formerly known as Vagana Pattari (Vaganam means vehicles and Pattari means workshop in Tamil),

Earlier known as Vagana Pattari (Vaganam is a vehicle and Pattari is a workshop in Tamil), the Wooden Mantra clan has existed for over 200+ years. It has created crafting artifacts and works in all major temples all over South India. The woodcarving techniques and skills were passed on from generation to generation. 

At Wooden Mantra, they firmly believe that in addition to preserving skills and techniques passed down by their ancestors, blockchain technology also helps in tracing back the origin of the creators and artists. 

Taking baby steps towards Web 3.0 and the metaverse, the clan has now introduced WoodenMantra.NFT, which aims to make traditional artifacts as physical NFT and tokenize them on the blockchain. 

The artifacts shown on Instagram handle @wooden.mantra are all NFTs. Every artifact, furniture, and sculpture, among other pieces crafted at woodenmantra, are physically crafted by artisans. 

Traditional woodcarving techniques such as Aboriginal woodcarvings and Native American wood carving are going extinct. With Wooden Mantra, the family of artisans aims to revive these traditional woodcarving techniques among the artisans’ community and spread awareness regarding this art craft around the world.

Art collectors around the globe greatly appreciate such artifacts. However, they are often unaware of their origin and artists meanwhile the artists living in remote areas often lacked the resources to present their art at a global level. 

One of the unique features of blockchain technology is that it eliminates any intermediaries. Wooden Mantra is leveraging that technology and assisting craftsmen to gain exposure among global collectors.

Over the years, the designs of the artifacts at Wooden Mantra have become more poignant and personal. In every new project, they see an opportunity to revive the South Indian handcrafting techniques that have almost vanished. 

This passion of theirs to do something beyond their limits translates into their work, making it fresh and unique. 

But Why Have These NFTs?

You like art and such artifacts and would want to help preserve such an elegant art form and its culture. In addition, these are physical NFTs, which means they can be touched, felt, and used in the real world. 

What Lies In Future For WoodenMantra.NFT ?

Lenin Rajaram, the founder of WoodenMantra.NFT wants the government of India, which recently has announced a 30% tax on any NFT sold, to realize that NFTs are not some “rich quick scheme” but can be used for good social causes such as preserving an art. 

They recently announced to give away a Free NFT to a collector who purchases the Physical Piece that would act as a certification of authenticity while Polygon would be served as proof of authenticity.

Rajaram says that if everything goes smoothly, then they also plan to create a DAO that would serve as a platform for proving these craftsmen global recognition.

Who Is Behind WoodenMantra.NFT ?

The wonderful team of Wooden Mantra consists of five people: 

Lenin Rajaram possesses work experience in tech and as an assistant director in films. Rajaram now claims himself to be a blockchain enthusiast and is the link that connects the craft with blockchain through NFT. 

K.Shrinivasan Krishnan, Rajaram’s uncle and been a craftsman for over 35 years. 

A. Arumugam has 25 years of experience as an expert in adding details and doing intense carving. Srinivasan Solaiappan too has 25 years of experience. Kannan possesses 40 years of experience in carpentry and woodworking. 

To know more about Wooden Mantra, please visit their Instagram handle and website:'
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