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Intends to be the ‘Queen of the Metaverse’: Paris Hilton 

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A Fuschia Bentley makes its way down a curvy desert road into the entrance of the Neon Carnival, a Coachella after-party hosted every year. 

Paris Hilton on the carpet

Every year, Hilton attends the invite-only party in real, but this scenario took place last month in Paris World, Hilton’s virtual world on the famous gaming platform Roblox, where she entered as an avatar.

Hilton has had previous success with this concept. She performed a live show as her avatar in the same virtual environment on New Year’s Eve. Users may also purchase virtual apparel, arrange a jet ski trip, or pay to obtain entry to a VIP area of a club in Paris World.

Hilton has backed a number of tech startups, including Genies, a digital avatar firm, and immi, an animation tool that allows certain NFT owners to bring the characters in their digital artwork to life. 

She also purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, a high-end and coveted collection that has drawn celebrity purchasers. Hilton has also made her own work for the NFT.

“I became addicted to NFT”

Hilton is one of the first celebrity marketers of NFTs in 2019. 

She was approached by a friend who was raising money for the recovery efforts following the wildfires that raged throughout Australia at the time. Hilton sketched Munchkin, one of her cats, when she was requested to make a digital art work on her iPad. All of the revenues were donated to charity.

“During the epidemic, I found myself on sites like Clubhouse chatting to artists about the NFT realm and connecting with leaders in the field,” she explained. “I became addicted to it and began collaborating with other artists. It is something in which I really believe.”

Public opinion didn’t change 

Hilton has been a successful businesswoman for years, but she claims that the public’s opinion of her, which was based on her heiress and socialite profile, didn’t change until the publication of the documentary “This is Paris” in 2020. 

The tape, which was published on YouTube and has already been seen over 58 million times, exposed her claimed abuse at a boarding school facility while she was a teenager.

“The documentary changed my life in every way,” she concluded.

She has pushed to modify legislation in seven states since the documentary’s publication in an effort to crack down on abusive adolescent institutions. 

Hilton visited the White House earlier this month to discuss proposed legislation intended at safeguarding children in similar programs.

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