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Brixie Group raises $500K+ to augment its global footprint

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Brixie Group is a FinTech start-up headquartered in Singapore. The group aims to be the first monumental, fully tokenized real-estate investment instrument across the globe. The firm, co-founded last year by Tomas Pokorny, Pablo F. Alonso Caprile, and Chris Wray, offers blockchain-based investment solutions to real-estate investors and digital currency buffs.

Brixie Group is keen to pursue relevant licenses to expand its global footprint, from Estonia, Lithuania, and UAE to others. Through global expansion, the firm would be able to assist more investors with its tremendous solutions. With a similar objective, recently, the firm raised more than $500,000 in the pre-seed round.

Brixie Group attracted several high-level global advisors and investors

The fundraising round piloted by Brixie Group was overwhelming for the team. Tomas Pokorny, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the start-up, cited that, as we know, it is an important time, as following the threats to the global economy, businesses and investors are currently prudent about utilizing their funds. However, in such a scenario, Brixie’s goal’s obtained noteworthy support.

Notably, in the core funding round, some key investors include Kesar Lun, CEO and Chairwoman of KS Logistics, Adrian Wenhlowskyj, Chairman and founder of IQPS Logistics, Lee Tseng Yip with his Fireworks Digital blockchain development hub, Yasmin Belo-Osagie, founder of She Leads Africa, Maximiliano Berger, Director of Business Development of ADA. Julien Glassey, founder and CEO of Archer Aviation, and Remi Pell, Chairman of Cambodia Finance & Technology Association.

Brixie has also assembled a world-class Advisory Board, including Banco Santander Director of Blockchain Excellence Coty de Monteverde, Latin Leap VC Partner Laura Gomez, Former JP Morgan Managing Director & Pinama Investors CEO Jorge Maortua, and Julio Faura, Founder & CEO of Adhara and IOBuilders.

What’s next after the funding round?

Being a FinTech start-up, Brixie Group could be deemed a one-stop blockchain-based solution for investors. The blockchain platform delivers solutions to crowdsource funds, acquire crypto assets, easily manage assets on your own or have a professional asset manager, own real estate assets from various locations worldwide, own real-estate NFTs, while supporting financial inclusion, and more. Most significantly, the platform allows users to own a fragment of non-sellable (but tradable) green assets. These assets are large areas of land that can be used for forest conservation, reforestation, and wildlife protection purposes.

Behind the scenes, Brixie Group is composed of professionals who provide their best solutions from legal to blockchain, finance, and investments.

With the latest acquired fund, the firm plans to strive for relevant licenses to operate in other nations as well. On the other hand, the funds will also help the team concentrate on their soft-launch initiatives, including adding a Climate Change Fight Fund Initiative (CCFFI). This will help tokenize and protect massive swatches of land by using them for forest conservation, reforestation, and wildlife protection.

Ultimately, Brixie is looking to diminish the hindrances of entry for both B2B and B2C users into their platform and monetize the climatic change projects by removing liquidity challenges.

If we heed the team of experts and their strategies of diversifying portfolios backed by distinctive approaches, the firm seems to have a really vital recipe to scale. Soon, with their simple and adaptable options based on their preferred budget, the start-up is going to be the enormous, fully tokenized real estate investment solution.

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