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Finder’s Analysis Says DOGE A Goner

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  • Finder is a price analysis platform that recently shared an analysis report showing DOGE is losing its value.
  • In its quarterly survey in July, this analysis was done with the help of 54 crypto analysts and specialists.

Dogecoin Price Analysis As Per Crypto Analysts

Dogecoin is stumbling and looks like following the current crypto downtown. It raises concern about the selling of Dogecoin among investors. A panel of crypto analysts and experts indicate this sale of Dogecoin as most of them are losing faith in the rise of Dogecoin.

Finder’s analysis was done on a question that asks about the dogecoin price in upcoming years. More than 54 crypto experts and analysts discussed the price and performance of Dogecoin.

The analysis indicates that 55% of crypto experts affirm that Dogecoin is gone. While 21% said, Dogecoin will somehow recover. And the rest, 24%, were unanswered about the dogecoin upcoming performances.

Additionally, nearly 3% of experts believe Dogecoin will lose its value by the end of this year. While 12% of them believe it will happen next year, 9% will somewhere consider it in 2024. And 30% of them believe in the complete price fall of Dogecoin in 2025 or around that time.

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According to Coinmarketcap, DOGE is currently performing at the price of $0.069085 with a 1.19% down.

The journey of the most popular meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE), started with Elon Musk’s strong belief. But, this meme coin is not performing as expected in the crypto market.

Half of the experts confirmed DOGE’s fall in the future, while the rest still have some faith in the price recovery of DOGE.

DOGE collected positive responses from some experts, assuring that this meme coin has “great community but little utility” and “a culture of content creators and creatives.”

Most of the crypto experts are confident about the price fall of DOGE, while others are expecting DOGE returns in the crypto market.

Nancy J. Allen

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