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Zuckerberg’s Avatar is Trending on Snapchat

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  • Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Meta (formerly known as Facebook).
  • He released a selfie of his virtual avatar which the users are now using on Snapchat.
  • Matt Reed, a technologist, created a Snapchat filter using the selfie.

A Creative Work By a Creative Technologist

To frighten your neighbors and family, use Matt Reed’s HoriZuck Lens for Snapchat, a filter that will transform your face into a replica of Mark Zuckerberg’s popular Horizon Worlds character. You can instantly create a dead-eyes replica of yourself in Snapchat by scanning the code.

Here’s a brief review in case you’re one of the few people who don’t understand what this all means: Past week, Zuckerberg released a photo taken with a new VR avatar that resembled a 3D, devilish porcelain doll rendition of himself produced on a Nintendo Wii, proving once more how awful his metaverse can be. Reed, a technologist, created this homemade lens for Snapchat.

The situation was horrifyingly weird, and the internet erupted in an acid-and-hatred supernova. In retaliation, Zuckerberg updated his image with a barely passable Ken doll version of his visage, but the controversy persisted. Reed’s DIY Snapchat lens allowed things to finally come full circle and reach this amazing finish.

Reed works as a creative technologist for the Nashville firm Redpepper. It appears from Reed’s biography that he was meant to create this filter: “I listened to Eazy-E and Def Leppard while growing up and dreamed of being a jet pilot. He once informed the third-grade instructor of a novel method for performing subtraction.

He left class after she stated, “No, you can’t do it that way,” and he never came back. Matt began to doubt everything after that. He was very aware of his fondness for the NES and played hard on a GEOS-powered 286 and then a 386 that was blazing through the Prodigy to the WWWs. Sounds like the perfect combination to diss the guy

This entire incident, in Reed’s opinion, was “really hilarious—not in making fun of Meta sense, but in a this is what the web was built for manner.” He even puts forward the intriguing conspiracy hypothesis that maybe Meta just posted the screenshot for the meme.

Reed asks what’s happening on in the design department, saying, “those who mocked it up understood what they were doing.”

Steve Anderrson

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