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3 Reasons Why Uniglo (GLO) 35% Price Surge Is Just The Beginning. Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Bouncing From Support

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Investors need to think very carefully about their actions. The decisions made now will only be realised in the next bull market. Some investors will thank themselves for their actions. The majority will look back to this period with regret that they did not accumulate due to fear.

This article outlines three projects that should feature in every investor’s portfolio: Uniglo (GLO), a small-cap gem with the potential to 100X; Bitcoin, the digital era’s gold; and Ethereum, the home of permissionless and decentralised finance. 

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has risen by 35% this past month, and it is reasonable to presume that this is only the beginning. Uniglo provides a growing store of value for an extended period, something much-needed in the modern inflation era. 

Why Uniglo Can 100X

The Uniglo Vault. The Vault houses a combination of physical and digital assets. Physical assets will include high-end physical goods such as real estate, fine art, and gold. These assets will give GLO a value-backing and mean that the token represents a diversified portfolio that can perform well regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

The Ultra Burn Mechanism. Outlined in the project’s whitepaper is a revolutionary and highly aggressive proposal to burn tokens. With 2% of every transaction automatically burnt, the total supply of GLO will rapidly decrease, and the value of the remaining tokens will steadily appreciate.

Asset tokenisation. Uniglo is ahead of the trend. By holding rare NFT collectibles in its Vault it is positioning itself excellently for the coming explosion of asset tokenisation which will see these assets balloon in value. And this long-term strategy will lead Uniglo to outperform other projects. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the largest digital asset. It is also the oldest, and this incredible new technology enabled the first permissionless peer-to-peer transfer of value between two unknown parties. This is the most significant technological advancement for money since humans moved away from the bartering system to implement abstractions of value in the form of coins.

With a hard cap of 21 million, every investor should hold BTC, being the first asset ever designed to appreciate. However, the days of Bitcoin’s mania are over, and as the asset grows in size, it also becomes less volatile, limiting the potential for returns.  

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum 2.0 marks a historical event for crypto. With ETH becoming a deflationary asset due to a percentage of gas fees being burnt and no more rewards being issued to miners. For the first time, the total supply of ETH will steadily decline.

Ethereum brought programmability to the digital asset space and introduced tangible utility. Ethereum will be the blockchain adopted by businesses and corporations worldwide, giving it huge potential to grow. And is another token that should feature in every investor’s portfolio.

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