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Moshnake: Passive Earnings Without Staking Unlike Many Top Cryptos Like Cardano And Dogecoin

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The future of blockchain has its base on the utilization of Decentralized Finance. The DeFi mechanism posed a lot of solutions to the financial problem through the usage of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

There are different motives of operation in this crypto space, i.e., mining, staking, and exchanges, but none ever yield massive earnings like gaming.

Introduction to Snake-themed Gaming community.

The iconic legendary snake game, Moshnake (MSH), is a play-to-earn NFT game. A well-encrypted gaming community in the crypto space. The users’ old experience of the 2D snake game on keypad computer, has now been turned into the perfect channel to create wealth.

Moshnake project acclaimed her prowess as an all-time classic hit from users’ participation in the gaming and sales of snake-themed NFTs. Your pleasure and profits as a user in this gaming community are Moshnake’s ($MSH) mission.

The mode of operating the $MSH token was built on the BNB Smart Chain. The Smart chain network (BNB) was voted to be the best user-friendly platform on blockchain technology.

Unlike Cardano (ADA), whose user complaints devalued its efficiency for operating on an uncensored 2-layers architecture. Moshnake (MSH) NFT uses snake-like types Mamba, Viper, Krait, and Cobra fasten community values teamwork and tactics.

The peculiarity of Moshnake MSH content on the NFT market drives profits for its holders. Snakes are considered to be sharp and cunning in dealings with the ecosystem. Using snake-themed content is far superior to battle-equipped Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens.

Dogecoin project is a toothless and no-mission meme coin. $MSH projected a proposal to navigate the gaming network to meet the need of both investors and users.

Moshnake characteristics and token-edge

In the year 2020 bull run in the DeFi network coupled with the event of COVID-19 resulted in high virtual participation by all. The virtual world seems more comfortable and productive. Moshnake (MSH) gaming and NFT community project are looking forward to massively improving your passive income.

  • Moshnake offers no risk on staking like Cardano (ADA). The user participation in the gaming session determines the growth of its $MSH token wallet.
  • Moshnake (MSH) gaming community operates internationally without boundaries. The general acceptability helps fosters your wallet growth as a $MSH token holder. Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin (DOGE) can not operate with such technicality.
  • The MSH ecosystem existed for profit reasons, unlike Dogecoin. DOGE project is considered to be highly skeptical due to the lack of true fundamental catalysts.
  • The project, Moshnake, is a standard 1-layer structure with hardware wallet compatibility to provide an environmental-friendly network. The programming complexity of the Cardano 2-layer structure makes its functionality uneasy to navigate as a user.
  • The Moshnake content was created on a historical ground to bring back lovely memories to users. The Dogecoin project lacks unique content differentiation. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a competition, making DOGE less recognized within the NFT market.
  • The Moshnake popularity in both the Gamefi economy and NFT market was fostered by MSH community participation. The project was either owned, funded, or managed by group retail investors like Dogecoin (DOGE).
  • The action or withdrawal of any community member cannot lead to token-price fluctuation. Both Cardano (ADA) and the Dogecoin ecosystem gave absolute priority to the class of whale investors.

Moshnake offerings to Users

The project is connected to major CEX to operate on a superfast level. The compatibility with Metamask tools ensures the safe and highly cheap rate of user operational charges. There are enough components for users to navigate within the community.

How to Aquire a Moshnake tokens

The purchase rate of the Moshnake token increases until 1 USDT equals 50.20 $MSH. Trust wallet loaded with enough USDT or ETH is highly recommended. After setting up your Trust wallet, you then click on Wallet Connect to be chanced to purchase ETH or BNB.

A minimum of $15 worth of ETH is advised covering the minimum $MSH purchase. The process and condition also apply to using USDT when purchasing $MSH and its Venom token ($VEN) tokens. At the end of the public presale, users can claim that $MSH tokens with proof of transaction.

In the gaming economy and blockchain ecosystem, there is no better channel to earn passively aside from Moshnake. The community offers the best experience others like Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin can not march. Moshnake ($MSH) token is the best and absolutely the best to foster your passive earnings in the DeFi network.

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