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As the crypto world expands, many issues are coming with it. Users’ inability to cross-chain transfer is one of the primary problems today, implying that data interchange and inter-network communication have been constrained. Herein is the value of (SNW). (SNW) is an ecosystem for cross-chain token transfers supporting fungible and non-fungible token transfers. The core of (SNW) services is taking multi-chain interoperations and making them as user-friendly as possible. For fungible token chain swaps, Snowfall uses a canonical token bridge, and for non-fungible token chain swaps, it uses a wrapping and swap protocol.

With over 200 intelligent contract networks listed on Coinmarketkecap and Coingecko, the market is constantly expanding. According to (SNW), all users and developers will need to optimize their use and operations, which necessitates finding more effective ways to cross the architectural gap between blockchain platforms. Numerous cross-chain bridge protocols exist, but each has restrictions on the kind of tokens it may support. (SNW) steps in at this point and foresees answers to these issues.


How does (SNW) plan to overcome these problems?

A multi-chain token bridging solution called (SNW) is intended to work with fungible and non-fungible tokens. To understand how (SNW) outperforms other protocols, we must first comprehend the distinction between fungible and non-fungible tokens.

●      Fungible Tokens

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fungible tokens. The fungible assets are cash, stocks, and gold bars. Tickets that are fungible can be easily exchanged for other tokens of the same kind since they are easily fungible, non-unique, and divisible. Each token fraction is equal to the next because of how these tokens are made.

●      Non-Fungible Tokens

A groundbreaking blockchain and cryptocurrency invention called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) make it possible to identify the owners of various assets. Non-fungibility means that something is unique and cannot be substituted with another, and NFTs are comparable to physical objects with some monetary worth.

Since (SNW) intends to use distinct bridging protocols for fungible and non-fungible token swaps, this multi-chain swap protocol will be a one-stop shop. This is thought to apply to all token types and chain types. Making the lives of the users easier. (SNW) thinks that by providing cross-chain swaps for chains that use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM, it can expand the scope of its operations and reach the entire market.

The Bottom-line

The (SNW) project aspires to a highly effective, interoperable cryptocurrency market by making it simple for assets to move freely and unhindered across chains. Regardless of the market’s potential testing scale, (SNW) aims to establish a straight line of communication across all chains. (SNW) overall goal is to increase public access to cryptocurrency. Onboarding numerous new users will be used to accomplish this. Through frequent user-interface tests and updates, (SNW) firmly believes in giving its users a great user experience. The most secure cross-chain transfer system ever created is what (SNW) also aims to be. Both chains of smart contracts that use EVM and non-EVM will be able to use (SNW).

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