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Zoom,Tesla Growth Made Arkk Surged Upto 14%  

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  • Approximately 48 million shares of ARKK have a 30-day average volume of about 25 million.

Ark Investment Management investment management company, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, controls various activities and manages exchange-traded funds. Cathie Wood established the company in 2014.

Cathie Wood has acquired shares in around 130 companies, including Tesla Inc, Zoom Video Communication, Roku INC, Exact Science Corp, Teladoc Health, Square, Coinbase, Shopify, and others. 

According to reliable reports, on 10 November 2022, Ark stock surged by around 14 percent, and the firm termed it the best day ever.  

The ETF, with 6.90 billion assets under management, surged approximately 14 percent, which is one of the biggest daily surges since 2014.   

Sources:- TradingView

 The majority holding of ARKK Zoom Video Communication Inc hiked by 14%, and Tesla Inc increased by 7%; Unity Invitae and pacific Bioscience were up by around 20% on 10 November 2022.  

Approximately 48 million shares of ARKK have a 30-day average volume of about 25 million.

Sources:- CathiesArk(Dot)com

Earlier this week, Cathie Wood finalise the deal of purchasing 238k shares of Coinbase, and now Ark of Wood is holding approximately 3.79%.  

In July, Cathie Wood sold the shares of Coinbase, which was at an estimated valuation of around $75 Million at that time. The sell-off of Coinbase was kicked off by the SEC report about the investigation of listing unregistered securities on its platform.

Arkk holds 9.16% shares in the Zoom video communication application, Tesla Inc. 8.45%, Exact Science Corp 7.04%, Roku Inc 6.95%, Square 5.35%, and Intellia Therapeutics 4.19%. These are some major companies that Arkk holds, and many more are on this list.    

Earlier on 3 October 2022, TheCoinRepublic reported that ARK Investment Management Company recently dumped around 200K shares of Spotify Technology on 30 September via two companies’ exchanges traded funds(ETFs).

Spotify Technology is a globally popular music service offering company with 165 million active users in 2021, and by the second quarter of 2022, the number increased to 188 million music subscribers globally.

Team Of ARK Invest 

  1. Catherine Wood(Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer)
  2. Simon Barnett(Director of Research, Life Science)
  3. Beth Bilyeu(Administrative Assistant) 
  4. Kyle Bodine(Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting)
  5. Kellen Carter(Corporate Counsel Chief Compliance Officer)
  6. Makenzi Cella(Compliance Associate)
  7. Willam “Bill” Cox(Principal Financial Officer of Investment Products)
  8. Lisa Dodd(Director of Marketing) 
  9. Frank Downing(Director of Research, Next Generation Internation)  
  10. Yassine Elmandjra(Analyst)
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