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North Korean Hackers Ran Off With NFTs Using 500 Distinct Phishing Domains

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North Korean Hackers
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An advanced persistent threat(APT) group from North Korea has wiped out more than 1,000 NFTs from victims  of phishing attacks and made 300ETH. 

As per a recent twitter post of SlowMist it is noted that “North Korean APT group targeting NFT users with large-scale phishing campaign.”

On September 4, Twitter user PhantomXSec tweeted that the North Korean APT organization had conducted a large-scale phishing campaign targeting dozens of ETH and SOL projects.

After following PhantomXSec SlowMist investigated and discovered that the only North Korean hackers are involved in committing and wiping out huge amounts.   

SlowMist posted several pictures related to attacks and informed users about how the hack was operated and have affected the common user of the crypto industry. 

One technique involved creating fake NFT-related websites with malicious Mints to steal NFTs. They used nearly 500 different domain names and sold them on platforms such as @OpenSea, @X2Y2, and @rarible.

SlowMist also traced down a wallet associated with a hackers group which stole 1055 NFTs which later sold the NFTs for 300 ETH .

The report also notes that The North Korean APT group targeted Crypto and NFT users with a phishing campaign using nearly 500 different domain names. 

South Korea’s major spy agency agency the National Intelligence Service quoted that Norea Korea has one of the best hackers on global level because the country focuses on cybercrime since U.N  economic sanctions were made tough in response to its nuclear and missile tests.   

Analysts and Officials believed that the hackers of North Korea did these hacks because their economy is badly affected and foreign currency to support its fragile economy and fund its nuclear program following harsh U.N sanctions and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Is North Korea Using Stolen Crypto For Developing Nuclear weapons? 

This is what a new investigation says, and it involves the plotting of South Korean politicians, U.S. intelligence, and an ex-Ethereum developer who is now in an American jail. 

For the purpose of developing a nuclear weapons program, international investigators claim that North Korea stole hundreds of millions of dollars in digital assets.

In parallel, politicians in South Korea are accused of being connected to crypto developer Virgil Griffith. Griffith was an Ethereum developer previously. For assisting North Korea to evade sanctions, he received a five-year prison sentence from the United States.

The project is primarily funded by stolen crypto, according to intelligence reports from South Korea and the United States. Yonhap is the UN Security Council’s committee that oversees sanctions against North Korea. 

They have attributed the attacks on Harmony and Ronin Bridge to North Korean hacker groups like Lazarus. The bad guys received millions of dollars worth of crypto as a result of these hacks, which were extremely successful.

Nancy J. Allen

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