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The Ritossa Family Office Redefining the space under Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Leadership

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Ritossa Family Office
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Image Credit: theceomagazine(dot)com

Institutions and corporations require wealth management firms for what their name suggests, to manage wealth by means like investing, etc. The phenomenon gets changed when it comes to private wealth management. Such advisory firms to serve ultra-high net worth individuals are Family Offices. 

Family Offices’ offering of financial and investment management solutions to affluent business individuals or families separates them from traditional wealth management firms. One such prominent name among these is The Ritossa Family Office. 

The Dubai headquartered family office is counted as one of the major players within the space. It is renowned for hosting high-profile events connecting leading investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists from worldwide. 

The founder of The Ritossa Family Office, Sir Anthony Ritossa, also chairman and CEO of the firm, has the credit of creating an entity with a great work profile. As his LinkedIn profile suggests, he is an expert known for being a family office influencer, a mentor, a philanthropist, an author, a widely listened to speaker and the one with making an impact on private equity, real estate and blockchain investors.

Sir Anthony holds experience in private equity, venture capital and investing, given his multiple leadership roles in several distinct businesses. Given his expertise and insights, he gets invited frequently to speak at international investment conferences. He is also known for his various philanthropic activities. 

The founding of Ritossa Family Office Investment Summits, a leading family office conference series, is among some of his worth-noting works. These conferences are ‘invitation-only’ for which Sir Anthony considers the event attendees. 

Sir Anthony feels grateful for the popularity of the Ritossa Family Office and the recognition of the family event conference as a well-known event. The conference is seen as an “influential gathering of family wealth,” representing a massive 4 trillion USD value. People summon the discussion for strengthening the “Positive Value of Family Office Investments for the Good of Humanity.”

Sir Anthony has hosted more than 6,400 exclusive family offices within 20 conferences in the last five years. These events witnessed owners of major businesses, royal families, sheiks, private investment companies, industry professionals and wealth funds across more than 55 countries. They overall represented about 4.5 trillion USD in wealth. 

Both burgeoning start-ups and global corporations have received over 2.8 billion USD worth of investments after Sir Anthony’s events. As he puts it in his words, “Helping others is the greatest form of wealth.”

Sir Anthony says, “I believe that, fundamentally, we all want to be the best version of ourselves – within our families, our relationships with others and, ultimately, our wealth. There is a revolution unfolding on the balance sheets of the world’s corporations that holds a lesson for families with wealth”

“The Explosion of Intangible Assets”. I am pleased that our summits act as an informative platform for our attending families.”

Steve Anderrson

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