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Metacade Token Presale Surges As It Draws To a Close. Here’s Why This Online Gaming Platform’s Presale Is Set to Sell Out

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Crypto presales can often be the most lucrative investment opportunities – not just in the crypto markets but across all asset classes. Blockchain technology is a rapidly growing sector of technology, and promising crypto platforms can climb significantly from their early stages.

Crypto gaming projects such as Metacade have been labeled as revolutionary thanks to the disruptive nature of play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics. Gamers can earn money online while playing some of their favorite games on the blockchain, and Metacade has been specially designed to take this function to the next level.

Earn money online with Metacade: Here’s why the new project’s presale has almost sold-out

The MCADE token presale has attracted over $14 million worth of early-stage investment as Web3 users have been lining up to support the development of Metacade’s new crypto gaming platform.

The metaverse arcade will become a community hub for Web3 as it gives crypto gaming enthusiasts endless opportunities to earn money online. As a comprehensive GameFi platform, Metacade combines addictive gameplay with a range of extra earning mechanics that are expected to cultivate a buzzing crypto-gaming ecosystem.

The MCADE token initially launched at just $0.008 per token. Every presale stage has sold out so far, which has raised the price of MCADE to its current level, $0.022. Investors are now running out of time to get involved before MCADE is launched on exchanges, as Metacade is now in its final presale round.

There are some exciting CEX listings on the horizon for Metacade, including Bitmart and MEXC. MCADE will also be launched on UniSwap on 6 April during its IDO. The presale is the final opportunity for investors to get involved before MCADE is made freely available to the public.

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

The MCADE token is widely considered to be one of the best investment opportunities of 2023. The platform could attract a significant number of users over time thanks to its range of blockchain services that have the potential for users to earn money online, and the MCADE token has extensive utility within this ecosystem.

The 2023 price prediction for MCADE places the token at more than $0.50. Since MCADE will be launched on exchanges at the price level of $0.022, this could amount to more than 25x returns in 2023 alone. Speculative investors have also highlighted MCADE’s deflationary tokenomics as a further reason to be bullish, with some even targeting higher price levels at $1 and beyond.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a vast GameFi platform that combines gaming and decentralized financial services. Gamers can earn money online while playing some of the most addictive crypto gaming experiences on the blockchain, as Metacade will offer the largest collection of P2E arcade games in Web3.

The project also aims to become a central hub for blockchain users. It will display the latest trends in the crypto gaming space, including community-led insights for how to earn money online in the expansive world of crypto gaming. 

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token is used to pay rewards within the metaverse arcade. Crypto gaming enthusiasts can choose from a range of different arcade games, and each has integrated earning potential, as Metacade leverages the blockchain’s P2E capabilities to deliver an unmatched blockchain arcade.

Gamers can either play solo or competitively, with plenty of chances to earn money online regardless of how they choose to play. Each game has infinite levels with increasing difficulty, so solo players can earn MCADE tokens while trying to beat their previous high score. As well as this, competitive gamers can join paid entry tournaments where there are major crypto prize pools up for grabs. 

The Metacade community hub will introduce additional methods that allow users to earn money online. Content creators can earn MCADE tokens for contributing to the community hub in a number of ways, including posting game reviews, sharing alpha, and interacting with other users’ posts.

Metacade will also advertise open roles at some of Web3’s hottest start-ups. Roles range from full-time to part-time positions, with many of Metacade’s partner projects expected to post available jobs on the platform as part of Metacade’s Work2Earn feature.

Metacade is a revolutionary development for crypto gaming

Metacade, as well as offering advanced P2E capabilities in its game zone, is introducing several variations of the popular GameFi mechanic to help its users to earn money online. One of the most widely-anticipated features within the crypto gaming community is Work2Earn, which will provide exclusive opportunities to test out new blockchain games before they are officially launched.

The Metacade team directly supports the expansion of the crypto gaming movement. The project will fund new arcade games through its Metagrants program, which will provide early-stage investment to up-and-coming GameFi platforms with a view to bringing even more titles into Metacade in the future.

Is MCADE worth buying?

MCADE looks to be a great addition to a crypto gaming investment portfolio. It remains in its early stages, which gives it vast potential for future growth. The presale could also be the best time to get involved, as MCADE is unlikely to revisit these low price levels again once price action is determined by the free market.

The final price of MCADE during the presale is $0.022. This will be the price level for the MCADE IDO and its CEX listings, with speculators anticipating a sharp price rise after the token is made available to the general public.

You can participate in the Metacade final stage presale here.


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