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AltSignals’ ASI Crypto Token Is Expected To Emerge as a Leader in 2023

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Can It Compete With Bitcoin Price Predictions?

While Bitcoin continues to dominate headlines in 2023, a rising star called AltSignals is turning heads with its innovative plans to level up its existing offering. But can this game-changing crypto token outshine the market leader? In this article, you’ll learn where experts place their Bitcoin price predictions for this year and why AltSignals’ ASI token could be a much more profitable investment. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Competition But Still Dominates

With 2023 well underway, Bitcoin’s position as the king of cryptocurrencies looks unshakeable. It currently boasts a market cap of over half a trillion dollars, more than double Ethereum’s $200 billion. While Bitcoin has had its fair share of ups and downs, its resilience and adaptability have kept it at the forefront of the crypto landscape. 

Institutional adoption, growing public interest, and the increasing perception of Bitcoin as a store of value – especially in today’s turbulent markets – have all contributed to its sustained popularity amongst crypto investors. However, new innovative projects are emerging, offering unique solutions and features that address some of the limitations of Bitcoin, such as scalability, transaction fees, and energy consumption that could threaten its dominance. 

Despite this constant new competition, Bitcoin has effortlessly posted bullish price action in recent weeks, and some have placed big bets on the market’s leading crypto for the rest of 2023. It’s time to find out where experts are placing their Bitcoin price predictions this year. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

Right now, Bitcoin is volatile in the $26,500 region, but forecasts have been made for BTC to hit $47,000 by the end of the year. Beyond that, more ambitious Bitcoin price predictions see it reaching around $60,000, potentially delivering around 2.25x gains as the market enters 2024. 

AltSignals (ASI) Has Set the Standard for the Trading Signals Market

While these Bitcoin price predictions aren’t too shabby, there’s a new crypto token on the block that many consider to have much more profit potential in 2023. It’s called ASI, and its recent  crypto token presale has attracted plenty of investors and press attention alike. So what is ASI and its platform AltSignals? It’s one of the most profitable trading signals providers, producing over 1,500 calls since 2017 with an average win rate of 64%.

AltSignals’ results have been nothing but extraordinary. It produced a return of 2,163% across 10 Binance Futures signals in February with 90% accuracy. The month prior, it recorded a 2,480% gain with a 92% win rate! If these results sound too good to be true, just take a look at the platform’s Trustpilot page. It earned a 4.9/5 star rating across nearly 500 positive reviews, many of whom currently make up its 50,000 free subscribers and 1,400 VIP members. 

AltSignals achieves this through its proprietary AltAlgo™ algorithm alongside a team of expert traders that are constantly monitoring the market for opportunities. However, the launch of the ASI token is poised to elevate AltSignals’ success even further by supporting the development of its groundbreaking ActualizeAI algorithm.

ActualizeAI and the ASI Crypto Token

ActualizeAI will take AltAlgo™ to the next level, using advanced AI technology like machine learning, predictive modeling, and natural language processing to provide even more accurate trading signals. This next-level AI integration aims to push the win rate above 80% and generate even more profit for AltSignals’ users.

So why are investors so hyped about ASI? One of the main reasons is that holding ASI tokens gives exclusive and early access to the ActualizeAI algorithm when it goes live. This means ASI crypto token holders will be among the first to receive real-time, high-quality trading signals powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Investors who purchase 50,000 tokens and over will be granted lifetime access to the ActualizeAI system, as well as free access to the existing AltAlgo™ signals service.

Moreover, ASI token holders will be eligible to join the unique AI Members Club. In this club, members can actively participate in product testing, offer feedback on new updates, and even suggest innovative ideas in return for ASI crypto token rewards. These extra tokens can be used to unlock even more advanced features of the platform’s AI ecosystem. 

Lastly, ASI will one day act as a governance token for the platform, ensuring that AltSignals’ future direction aligns with its users’ wants and needs. There’s also a deflationary buyback and burn plan set to take place over the next 3-5 years, decreasing the token supply and potentially leading to long-term price appreciation.

AltSignals (ASI) Price Prediction

Market analysts are much more bullish on the ASI crypto token price prediction in comparison to  Bitcoin. While it’ll finish presale at $0.02274 per token, many think a flood of investors will rush to get their hands on ActualizeAI’s signals once word gets out. As a result, several AltSignals price predictions see it reaching as high as $0.45 per token – potentially offering almost 20x gains in under a year, even for investors late to the crypto token presale. 

AltSignals (ASI) Seems Like a Much Better Investment

Luckily, these gains could be multiplied by acting sooner rather than later. That’s because AltSignals is still in phase 1 out of five, currently priced at $0.015. Several experts have called this price exceptionally undervalued, given the platform’s proven track record and the upcoming launch of the ActualizeAI algorithm. 

While Bitcoin is of course a solid investment choice, the ASI token’s potential to deliver outstanding returns in 2023 is hard to ignore. AltSignals stands out as a unique investment opportunity and is certainly not one to miss. Take action and check out the AltSignals crypto token presale today!

You can participate in the ASI presale here. 

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