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Binance Had Serious Backlash in Australia; Uwerx Continues to Raise Funds from Presales

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Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, had a bombshell day in Australia with booted off and banishment. An official Twitter statement confirmed Binance Australia’s incapacity to support PayID deposits. Later, Westpac, a renowned Aussie bank, banned its customers from Binance transactions.

An Overall Bad Day for Australian Binance

PayID, an integrated part of the New Payment Platform, enables fast payment transfers. It’s a well-trusted service used by many banks across Australia and New Zealand. These transfers are completed within minutes as opposed to the multi-day bank transfer.

Binance Australia cited a decision on its Twitter to announce PayID’s departure from the crypto. Bank withdrawals related to crypto transfers are very much likely to be affected by this decision. However, Binance is optimistic about finding a subtle alternative shortly.

Westpac seems to bust that move by implementing new protection trials for its customer, banning Binance. Several Aussie media reported increased scams and significant losses based on the platform’s activities. That’s what provoked the banishment.

Binance has been facing regulatory warnings by many overseas authorities, including Singapore, Canada, the UK, Japan, Italy, and Thailand. Australia seems to follow the trend by tightening regulations. Still, the CEX platform assured its clients about AUD withdrawals.

Uwerx Keeps Expanding as Presales Explode

The groundbreaking concept of bridging the freelancing industry with the crypto space set Uwerx apart. The massive potential of WERX, its native token, is said to incorporate skyrocketing multiplication of profits with time. And smart investors are rushing to make early deposits to make a fortune.

Increased demand raised the value to $0.041 from the starting $0.012 tag. The price is expected to gain further momentum as it slowly but certainly closes to the scheduled end on July 31, 2023. Many experts denoted as much as a 100x increase by the third quarter of 2023, reaching the $2.2 mark.

Uniswap’s token listing is also underway, expected to occur by August 01, 2023. WERX’s listing on centralized exchanges will activate contract renouncement, pushing the utility. The much-talked bull run may join the party, significantly powering the price increase within the year.

Uwerx’s Alpha Version is Live to Ease Investments

The platform’s latest version with landing and signup pages went live on May 19, 2023. It marks a crucial achievement and starting point for the entire ecosystem. Continuity of updated versions will follow, depending on customer feedback.

Recent Twitter polls revealed the interest in conducting Test Airdrop and immediate Team Locking. The scheduled Test Airdrop will happen soon, whereas preparation for the token locking is underway. Users can also store and lock the tokens through the custom vault, patched to the 25-year liquidity pool.

Low transaction fees, engaging features for freelancers, and superior security measures make Uwerx second to none in the industry. Freelancers are keen to use the blockchain-backed platform and enjoy the never-experienced-before benefits.

Uwerx is ready to revolutionize the crypto space with the integration of the gig economy forever. More investors and traders are looking into Uwerx news every day. And you can expect the presales to grow as people are getting connected to its portfolio.

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