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Experts Say The Bull Run Is Upon Us As Golteum And Bitcoin Cash Rally 

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The rise of major cryptocurrencies following the effects of the bear market has triggered new hope in the web3 landscape. Investors have begun to recover their losses as coins gear into the bull season. Certain tokens have taken advantage of this recovery and have become the best coins to invest in now. One of them is Golteum (GLTM).

Golteum has caused a stir in the market as its presale continues to flourish. This token has rallied massively alongside Bitcoin Cash (BCH), triggering the incoming bull run.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Shocks Investors As Its Price Attains New Heights

Bitcoin Cash experienced a remarkable surge to reach its first impressive high in the past year. This new surge has extended the coin’s rally significantly by about 82% in the past one week. This comeback is majorly as a result of BCH’s recent listing on the institutional-backed crypto exchange, EDX Markets, with four other cryptos.

BCH has benefited greatly from the launch of EDX Markets and the increasing social media interest. As trading volumes continue to rise across the industry, Bitcoin Cash also makes its mark on the charts, along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

However, while Bitcoin Cash is not likely to lose this upward trend anytime soon, it is already a crypto giant, with a massive market capitalisation of about $5 Billion. Thus, it holds less potential for growth when compared with newer, innovative crypto platforms like Golteum (GLTM).

What Is Golteum (GLTM)

Golteum is a multi-asset trading platform that allows users to trade tokenized metals and other cryptocurrencies. The tokenized metals can be easily redeemed for physical equivalents, allowing users access to Gold and other precious metals. The entire process is decentralized and transparent regardless of who is involved.

The exciting potential of the Golteum platform is further bolstered by a recent prediction by the Boston Consulting Group, a reputable management and consulting firm based in the US. This group predicts that the tokenized assets market will reach a staggering $16 trillion in value in the next 7 years. Golteum is positioned to take a large chunk from that pie, with some analysts predicting it to reach $5 per token.

Furthermore, investors have good reason to trust the Golteum team. Six members of the team have been independently verified by CertiK, one of the best crypto audit platforms. Thus, the team is not running off with investors’ funds. Funds are safe!   

These and more reasons are why investors should give Golteum a chance. It might be the opportunity of a lifetime, equivalent to buying Bitcoin in 2009 or Ether in 2015.

Golteum (GLTM) Presale Stage Is The Next Big Thing In Crypto. 

The first stage of the presale became sold out within 48 hours of the private launch of the first round. Each token was sold for $0.0074. When analysts discovered that all 32.5 million GLTM tokens had been purchased by eager investors in such little time, they were stunned. 

The next stage of the presale is ongoing and is offering GLTM tokens to investors at the rate of $0.012 per token. For those who got in at stage 1, this represents a 62% increase already.

What is more, investors who get in on this round are blessed with a pretty generous 15% bonus. There are only 55 Million tokens up for grabs at this stage and they are fast selling out. You can still join in now, before this stage maxes out.

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