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Crypto Market FUD Storm: How to Survive and Master it

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Crypto Market FUD Storm: How to Survive and Master it
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FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It is a tactic used to change public opinion about cryptocurrencies. Since the crypto market is very volatile, it leads to FUD among the masses which needs to be controlled. Otherwise, the decision-making gets hampered, and inaccurate decisions are made.

Temporary bearishness is one of the reasons behind the FUD storm. Anything that is opposing the cryptocurrency leads to emotions that are uncontrolled but there is a need to manage emotions while trading.

How and Why FUD Came into Effect

FUD is occasionally used by the crypto community to refer to the inactivity or fall in the crypto market. It is a way used to control public opinion by giving inaccurate and misleading information. This makes the crypto market inevitable, further raising the pool of emotions among the investors and the community.

Impact of Crypto Market FUD

 FUD affects the crypto market mostly in a negative manner. As it is all emotions, it might prompt users to take decisions that are totally irrational. It leads to financial market fear. A person can hold the holdings for long due to loss fear or can exit the market due to fear of losing. They can even sell their digital assets to avoid market volatility.

Crypto trading requires quick trading decisions in the changing market but if a person is facing FUD, then the decision-making gets hampered by emotions of greed, fear, and stress.

Importance of Mastering Emotions

Managing emotions is very important while making crypto trading decisions. It is basically a very stressful and exerting activity that needs very impactful choices. Hence, to master the emotions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt which promotes FOMO (fear of missing out), greed is necessary.

The one who masters these emotions can make wise decisions. The crypto market is ever-changing and eruptive which requires a close watch on the market with the basic knowledge of dealing with the situations.

Understand and Follow Remedies to Deal with FUD

For making rational and informed decisions, one must first learn to control FUD. There are some remedies to control these emotions which can be helpful to deal with stressful situations.

  1. Learn from Losses

Everyone makes mistakes but the one who learns from them can master it all. If by any chance a person makes losses due to FUD in the crypto market then learn from losses. One must not repeat the mistake by being attentive and careful.

  1. Risk Management Strategies

If a person has already made a decision due to FUD in the crypto market, then risk management strategies must be followed. This may include calculative risk management while making decisions. This leads to known losses or benefits a person can make due to the decision. 

Profit targets are also made. In this, after making the decided profit, people exit the market unbiased by the FUD of the crypto market.

  1. Trading Plan

Developing a trading plan which includes the strategies, entry, and exit in the crypto market, technical and fundamental analysis, and the trading objectives are already decided. A person has to follow this trading plan irrespective of the FUD in the crypto market.

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation lead to unbiased decisions. Practice both to reduce stress, managing anxiety, depression, and aggression. These are certain common emotions that are a result of the volatile nature of crypto market. 


FUD in the crypto market leads to greed, anxiety, stress, and excitement. These emotions cause impulsive and irrational trading decisions. To avoid this, a person needs to follow remedies like meditation, trading plans, and risk management strategies. This will be helpful in making swift decisions which is the need of the crypto market.

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