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How Memeinator Stacks Up Against $MEME in 2024: Know Everything Here

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The meme coin sector is heating up as new contenders emerge as this year’s hottest meme cryptos. While the market is littered with Dogecoin, PEPE, and Shiba Inu ripoffs, a new crusader—Memeinator (MMTR)—is bringing about a much-needed Judgment Day straight out of the Terminator playbook. The Memeinator ICO has raised $1.1M so far, indicating the traction it has gained since its launch.

Meanwhile, another fast-rising meme crypto is making waves after raising $10 Million within 42 minutes of launching. The project, called Memeland (MEME), is giving the moribund NFT a much-needed boost in 2023 as it launches on the Binance Launchpad.

However, which meme coin has more long-term growth potential? Read to find out.

What is Memeinator (MMTR)?

The year is 2077 CE, and the once-vibrant crypto market is a wasteland of meme coins with little or nothing to show in utility and innovation. The sector has become a parody of itself, as the format has turned into a race to the bottom of the depths of depravity.

That’s where the Memeinator comes in. Memeinator isn’t just a meme coin with the potential to do a 100x. It isn’t just another tired, old Dogecoin derivative. Memeinator is at the intersection of the next emerging trend in the meme coin format: meme coins with innovative quality and long-term investment potential.

The Memeinator has one objective as a meme coin project: to destroy its weak meme coin competition on its way to achieving a $1 Billion market capitalization, much like Arnie’s Terminator character, Memeinator bids “hasta la vista” to the worst of meme coin excesses. 

No other meme coin leverages Twitter API and OpenAI technology like Memeinator does, powering an entirely new meme coin experience and making it among the best meme coins to buy in 2023.

The Memeinator ICO has become one of the hottest crypto presales of 2023, raising a remarkable $1.1M and entering stage 5 of its 29-phase presale launch. MMTR tokens launched at $0.01 during stage 1. Thanks to the presale’s programmed 6% token price increases, MMTR token price will increase to $0.049 in stage 29—before the token’s listing and public sale. The progressive token price increase mechanism incentivizes presale investors the earlier they participate.

The MMTR presale will culminate with the release of a video game featuring Memeinator as the main character. The game, called Meme Warfare, gives players a chance to step into the Memeinator’s shoes and eliminate every single derivative, uninspired, and unfunny meme coin its algorithm recognizes and feeds into the game using its AI web scraping tool. Ever wanted to purge the crypto world of garbage meme coins that serve no purpose other than liquidity games and pump-and-dumps? With Meme Warfare, users can channel their inner Terminator and blow them all to kingdom come.

The creative blend of AI, gaming, and meme coin appeal—not to mention its programmed 390% token price increase—makes Memeinator the perfect meme coin to accumulate ahead of the next bull run. With AI and blockchain gaming among the key growth sectors in Web3, investing in Memeinator today opens the door to not only exponential gains but also an investment in the next grand narrative of crypto meme coins.

If gains of up to 362% aren’t enough to drive users into Memeinator, the MMTR presale’s Virgin Galactic giveaway worth $250,000 will. One lucky presale investor will get a chance to go to the moon with the Memeinator ICO launch literally!

Memeinator Crypto Price Prediction for 2024

2024 is a crucial year for crypto as the next Bitcoin halving event is scheduled to take place in the same year. Given Bitcoin halving is typically followed by a bull run, Memeinator has all the momentum to make a parabolic run in the next couple of years. If Memeinator reaches its goal of hitting a $1 Billion market cap—and yes, if PEPE can do it, so can MMTR—one token would equal $1. 

That’s a 100x increase from its launch price of $0.01. Conservative estimates, meanwhile, peg MMTR to trade around the $0.30 to $0.50 level, representing a potential 30x to 50x from starting ICO prices. Who wouldn’t turn down anywhere from 30x to 100x in this day and age? Memeinator looks good heading into the next bull market, and its presale is the perfect time to buy MMTR tokens at a discount.

What is Memeland (MEME)?

Memeland (MEME) is another promising project emerging towards the end of October 2023. Conceptualized by the same team behind the iconic online meme-sharing platform 9GAG, Memeland and its native MEME token will power an NFT ecosystem. Recently, Memeland made a splash in the crypto world after raising $10 Million within 42 minutes of its presale going live, drawing plenty of attention after the project was introduced. All eyes are on Memeland after Binance announced that it listed MEME for trading on the world’s largest crypto exchange. 

However, there is one thing that prospective MEME investors need to know ahead of its listing: the creators behind Memeland have explicitly stated that there is no intrinsic value nor expectation of any financial returns with the token launch. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped the hype surrounding the token. 

Memeland Price Prediction for 2024

Now, here comes the real test: how will Memeland perform as far as price movement in 2024 is concerned? The Memeland ICO launched MEME tokens at $0.001. There is little doubt that MEME is poised for an upward trajectory, given its popularity. 

Most conservative predictions peg MEME to trade around the $0.01 to $0.02 mark in 2024, representing a 10x or 20x increase from presale prices. While those gains are nothing to sneeze at, Memeland’s immense supply of 69,000,000,000 MEME tokens gives it less price potential than deflationary meme coins like Memeinator. Ultimately, meme coins remain volatile investments, with high price predictions to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Memeinator vs. Memeland: Which Meme Coin To Buy?

While both projects offer tremendous potential, one opportunity is superior. The presale incentives, token price increases, and genuine innovation Memeinator offers blow Memeland out of the water.

Moreover, Memeinator has a higher price ceiling than Memeland because of its tokenomics and relatable narrative. Just imagine the unparalleled potential Memeinator has, with up to 292% in token price increases for the taking and its moon potential once the token launches and lists on major exchanges. It’s a tale of two coins—but one narrative is more attractive. The choice is clear: Memeinator takes the cake.

To join the Memeinator presale, visit the Memeinator website

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