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February Meme Coin Watch – Solana’s Meme Coin MYRO vs Memeinator’s $4.1m Presale

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February Meme Coin Watch - Solana's Meme Coin MYRO vs Memeinator's $4.1m Presale
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2024 is underway, and the meme coin craze that hit markets in 2023 shows no sign of diminishing in the new year. In the fight to claim the crown of best meme coin, Solana aims to turn its fortunes around with the release of a new meme coin, Myro, while Memeinator is taking flight with $4.1m raised in its crypto presale already and serious recognition from major publications. 

With over 90k followers on X, Memeinator has already gained a dedicated community committed to its vision. With presale stages selling out on average every six days, the ICO is already at stage 14 of its 20-phase ICO.

As a result, analysts are busy assessing how Memeinator will measure up against Myro, the coin that could boost Solana’s price predictions for 2024.

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator has launched its bid to join the echelons of best meme coins with its ‘superhero’ meme, Memeinator. Sent from the year 2077 on a single-minded mission to rid the present of bad meme coins. With outstanding branding, taking inspiration from the Terminator action movie franchise, and capturing the imagination of tens of thousands of crypto investors, the project is ready and primed to pump once the Bitcoin halving and bull run hits.

Future developments include a gaming experience, Meme Warfare, in which players embody Memeinator to seek and destroy rival meme coins, blasting them to oblivion without mercy. Add in an NFT collection, currently in development, and a stated mission to reach a $1 billion market cap, Memeinator’s claim to become one of the best meme coins of the year is well and truly underway.

How does Memeinator work?

The meme coin sector is currently valued at around $20 billion valuation, and Memeinator has been busily planning how to capitalize on this healthy market and join the ranks of the best meme coins before launching its ICO.

The Memeinator project team has committed plenty of time and thought to the coin’s tokenomics. 7.5% of the project’s tokens have been allocated to special offers and competitions. Prizes include a $250k trip into outer space with Virgin Galactic for one lucky winner, while ten others will win a share of $100k in MMTR tokens during an airdrop giveaway.

Quarterly token burns will form another essential part of Memeinator’s tokenomics once the MMTR presale concludes. With token burns an excellent way of suppressing the available token supply on the open market and keeping prices high, Memeinator has started as it means to go on by burning six presale rounds worth of coins (approx. 130 million tokens) during the ICO. It took place after consultation with the growing Memeinator community.

These tokenomics go hand-in-hand with an excellent technical offering that introduces AI into the equation. With AI driving the Memescanner a tool that works with Memeinator’s Meme Warfare game, it uses resources such as Twitter’s API and OpenAI. The aim is to scour the web for low-quality meme coins. These identified coins will then be integrated into the Meme Warfare game, represented as characters for players to destroy. 

Whilst not strictly GameFi, this experience capitalizes on the current GameFi trend that is sweeping through the cryptocurrency sphere.

With a massive focus on delivering what’s promised, MMTR coin holders can look forward to gaining genuine value. As healthy market conditions look to push Memeinator towards achieving a $1 billion market cap, it’s no wonder this meme coin rebel is being tipped for the top.

Memeinator price prediction

As Memeinator sets out on the path to meme coin greatness, its upward price trajectory is already grabbing the attention of investors. Analysts anticipate the coin’s pathway to profit once the 20-round presale concludes and the MMTR token becomes public knowledge on leading crypto exchanges.

With MMTR staking pools offering coin holders attractive passive yield opportunities of up to 45% APY to boost their income, outstanding tokenomics, a package bursting with technical innovation, and a wonderfully supportive community behind it, experts predict that Memeinator could offer stage one ICO investors up to 100x returns by 2025.

When you consider the fact that we’re on the cusp of serious positive price action market-wide due to an imminent bull run and likely altcoin season, the chances of Memeinator gaining exponentially are high. What’s more, when you consider Myro’s performance, Memeinator’s promise becomes clearer. 

What is Myro?

In contrast to Memeinator, analysts are having to revise their Solana price predictions in early 2024 after the coin hit the buffers and dipped around 27% in the past month. In an attempt to reverse its fortunes, Solana recently released another meme coin to join Samoyedcoin and Bonk in the kennel of Solana-minted memes.

Named after Solana founder Raj Gokal’s dog, Myro, its namesake crypto is a meme coin with limited utility. Its main draw is attracting a fresh audience to participate in Solana’s ecosystem and its Telegram bot, Solana BuyBot, highlighting Solana’s latest and hottest projects.

After an initial surge in interest, Myro has significantly slumped recently and is trading almost 26% lower than its ATH of $0.2607.

Myro’s inherent lack of utility means it could quickly run out of steam, following in the wake of dozens of meme coins that have gone before it. Not only that, it’s likely to find itself targeted by Memeinator’s ruthless and unerring aim.

Myro price prediction

While Myro is the latest in a long line of Solana-minted meme coins, it has some way to go to beat the performance of its sibling, Bonk, which achieved a surge of as much as 19000% at the end of 2023.

Indeed, analysts investigating Myro’s likely price direction are unanimously predicting that Myro’s best could already be behind it. With a limited ecosystem and its vying for attention among several other meme coins within the Solana stable, never mind the broader market, forecasts are that Myro may push toward $0.40 by the end of this year.

As a result, any hopes that Myro could boost any Solana price predictions for this year look futile.

Memeinator vs. Myro: Which is the best meme coin investment of 2024?

Pitching Memeinator and Myro in battle is a complete mismatch. While Memeinator brings a comprehensive use case, excellent utility levels, and outstanding tokenomics to the ring, Myro is left with little more than its automated Telegram bot and a charming dog meme going for it.

As a result, investors seeking the best meme coin investment of 2024 should look no further than the Memeinator crypto presale. With coins currently priced at just $0.0208 and 150,862,069 tokens left, there’s still time for early-stage investors to make returns before the ICO sells out and the coin lists in Q1. 

Considering that Myro still managed to see around 750% in gains during certain points in January, gives reasons to be excited about the Memeinator presale. If a coin like Myro can achieve that with zero utility and little narrative by comparison, just think what Memeinator could do. Especially for those taking part in its current presale. 

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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