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A Guide to Buy, Sell, Trade, and Redeem Digital Gold Token AIGold

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Gold has been a sought-after asset for centuries. It extensively appeared as a secure haven, a hedge in opposition to inflation, and a store of value. However, making an investment in physical gold may be expensive, volatile, and inconvenient. That is why many consumers are turning to digital gold tokens, which can be blockchain-primarily based representations of physical gold.

One of the most promising virtual gold tokens inside the crypto space is AIGOLD. AIG is a cryptocurrency that mixes artificial intelligence, cryptography, and gold mining to create a totally unique project. In this article, we will provide an explanation of what AIGOLD is, how it works, and the way you can buy it.

What is AIGOLD?

AIGOLD is a crypto token that is also a mining operation. AIGOLD has discovered a large placer deposit in the Bering Sea and plans to recover it. It is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Hydraulic Machinery to extract what they believe to be the Mother Load out of the frigid waters of the Bering Sea. According to the mission’s Gold Paper, the goal is to integrate artificial intelligence and cryptography into a system that’s going to elevate the company’s Gold Recovery Project within the Bering Sea place to new heights. The goal is to use an AI-included Exploration Recovery Vessel (ERV), to locate and extract gold from the Bering Sea.

In essence, the AIG token will play a crucial role in the ecosystem of AIG’s gold recovery operation. AIGOLD token will be a catalyst that ignites the reward mechanism as well.  Simply put, the more volume of the token, the more Paxg will be distributed to all the wallets.

The intention is to leverage blockchain technology and AI to propel growth as the mining operation expands.

What is AIGOLD’s Buy/Sell Tax Reward System?

AIGOLD is the first crypto token to provide an automated buy-and-sell tax reward paid in PAXG. PAXG is a digital stablecoin that is paired with the price of 1 troy ounce of gold. According to the reputable internet site aigold.Io, every PAXG token is equal to one troy ounce of gold and is safeguarded in LBMA vaults in London.

Once the AIGOLD token is launched, PAXG will become an automated buy/sell tax reward. Payout of PAXG is constructed into the AIGOLD contract so that of the 6% purchase tax, 5% is distributed among AIG holders and 1% goes towards marketing; likewise, of the 9% sell tax, 5% goes to AIG holders 2% goes towards marketing,and 2% towards the liquidity pool. You can overview this data in addition to the AIG Gold Paper on their website at aigold.Io.

In addition to receiving PAXG, all “AIG NFT Mining Permit” holders will get a 25% share split between mining permit holders at the end of the mining season..

How to Buy, Sell, Trade, and Redeem AIGOLD?

AIGOLD is presently in its stealth presale level, which means that you may buy the token at a discounted fee with Zero Buy tax during the presale. The presale has 12 stages, each stage increasing in price. You can purchase AIGOLD using their site: Buyers have to connect their crypto wallet to the presale widget. Then select  ETH or USDT. You can claim your tokens at launch when the liquidity is added.

Once the presale is over, AIGOLD intends to be listed on tier 1 and 2 crypto exchanges, including Defi Swaps like PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and SushiSwap.

Why Invest in AIGOLD?

AIGOLD is not just some other digital gold token. It is an innovative project aiming to disrupt the gold mining industry and create a brand new identity for digital gold tokens. By investing in AIGOLD, you may:

– Gain access to physical gold buy accumulating paxgold 
– Earn rewards in PAXG, a stable and official digital gold token.
– Share in the profits of the gold recovery operation.
– Benefit from the contemporary era of artificial intelligence and blockchain.
– Participate in a Cybertruck giveaway competition and win other prizes.


AIGOLD is a golden possibility for buyers who need to diversify their portfolio, hedge towards inflation, and revel in the advantages of digital gold tokens. If you’re interested in AIGOLD, you can visit their website at In this way, you can be a part of their community on Telegram, Twitter, and Medium. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the destiny of gold.

For any additional information and more details on AIGOLD, take a look at their official website.

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