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Montenegro Court Confirms Extradition of Do Kwon To South Korea

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As per the latest updates in the legal proceedings against Do Kwon, it has been confirmed that he will be extradited to South Korea after completing his sentence in Montenegro

Do Kwon’s lawyer revealed the decision to the media outlets on his case. Do Kwon is the person responsible for the fraud at Terraform Labs. Kwon will be sent back to South Korea from Montenegro after March 23, declared the Montenegro court.

In South Korea, Kwon was charged with criminal charges post the collapse of his multibillion-dollar crypto enterprise in May 2022. The government of South Korea successfully appealed an earlier ruling by the same court, which had previously approved his extradition to the United States of America.

Recent Updates in the Case

After the collapse of Terraform Labs, Kwon successfully managed to mislead the authorities in South Korea before he got arrested in Montenegro last year. There, he got arrested for attempting to travel with forged documents. Han Chang-joon, a former Terra executive, was also arrested, along with Kwon. He was extradited to South Korea in February.

Before his arrest, he was traveling across countries and finally stopped in Montenegro. Kwon will remain in Montenegro, serving a four-month sentence for using and being in possession of forged identity documents. After the completion of his sentence, he will likely be sent to South Korea. Goran Rodic, Kwon’s attorney in Montenegrin Court, told the reporters through text. 

Rodic said, “The decision agrees with the evidence in the case files.” “Kwon finishes serving his sentence on March 23 and will be extradited after that. That’s all I can say now.”

Goran Rodic added that all the decisions are based on stacked pieces of evidence and are in books

Kwon’s take on the Court Findings

Kwon has successfully challenged multiple decisions regarding his extradition before the final ruling this Thursday, March 7. Rodic did not mention if Kwon would appeal this most recent decision. 

The U.S. and South Korea have both requested Kwon’s extradition. In the US, Kwon faces a securities fraud trial.

Take of USA on Do Kwon’s case

The U.S. was also wanting the extradition of Do Kwon. The states have their own concerns with him, requesting a trial for securities fraud. 


Amid the demand of both South Korea and the U.S., the courts of Montenegro have made their stance clear that the future of Kwon lies in South Korea and not in the U.S. 

This decision did not come out overnight. It was the result of all the legal tussles, appeals, and courtroom drama that had been going on for a year. Both the U.S. and South Korea have been involved in the custody battle.

The exact schedule for this extradition is not yet known since no official paperwork has been filed or submitted. Nevertheless, Kwon is serving his sentence period in Montenegro until March 23, for an illegal identity case and it is safe to think that no more updates on the case will come till then.

Moreover, the South Korean government is proactive and already preparing for the proceedings. Daniel Shin, another co-founder of Terraform Labs, is also involved in his own legal battle in his home country, he is accused of fraud, among other matters.

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