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$8.8m Raised! First-Ever Bitcoin Blockchain ICO Enters Final Week

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Excitement is building as Bitcoin Dogs, the first-ever Bitcoin-minted ICO, enters its final glorious week. Although launched only a few weeks ago, investors have been bitten by the Bitcoin Dogs bug, helping it raise an incredible $8.8m. Investors are FOMO-ing left, right, and center and scrambling to grab their 0DOG tokens before this coin lists on exchanges.

Sorry if this is stating the obvious: Bitcoin remains the godfather of all things crypto. And for many, it only feels like last week that BTC hit the milestone of $1000 for the first time. And now, where Bitcoin leads, the market follows. As a result, Bitcoin Dogs is making investors an offer they can’t refuse with the chance to be the first adopters of a coin that looks like it’s marking a new era in the crypto sphere: the era of BRC-20 tokens. And all at the giveaway price of just $0.0374.

What is this whole Bitcoin Dogs thing?

Bitcoin Dogs is a BRC-20 minted token that opens up a world of treats to crypto bros, doggy fans, and NFT collectors. In short, it’s revolutionary AF, as it combines cool, competitive social gaming experiences with access to 10,000 new NFTs of varying rarities. This viral vid offers the lowdown.

The social gaming environment combines the nostalgia of 90s pocket pet, Tamagotchi, with the viral blockchain success of Axie Infinity, pumps it full of steroids thanks to Bitcoin’s peerless blockchain capability, and lets users adopt, breed, raise, and train virtual pups to compete against other digital doggos. Show your canine plenty of love and attention, and they’ll thrive. In addition, share your progress on social media, and you’ll also gain in-game rewards.

And there’s more. Once your pup hits certain levels, they begin earning for you by farming new 0DOG tokens. You can also throw them into competitions against other digital dogs in PvP races. Win, and you will receive 0DOG rewards in your wallet. Nice.

In addition to bringing a social gaming revolution to the blockchain space, Bitcoin Dogs is developing an NFT collection of 10,000 crypto canines exclusively for 0DOG holders. Riding the new wave of Bitcoin Ordinals, the pioneering platform for hosting Bitcoin NFTs.

With a total of 900 million 0DOG tokens available, the same number of estimated dogs on planet Earth, and a plan to burn any unsold tokens to maintain scarcity and value, it’s no wonder the combination of social gaming, exclusive NFTs, and the prestige of being the first presale of its kind is attracting investors across the board.

Bitcoin Dogs price prediction

According to Business Research Insights, Bitcoin Dogs is already carving itself an impressive niche in a GameFi space that is expected to hit a $90 billion market cap by 2031. Add in its first-of-its-kind nature, the successful adoption of Bitcoin ETFs, and the impending Bitcoin halving event, which, according to Grayscale research, may have a better effect than ever on the overall market because of the recent Bitcoin ETF offerings and Bitcoin Ordinal inscription; the sky’s the limit for this trailblazing project.

Let’s also recognize the fact that Bitcoin weathered the dark crypto winter, that started in 2022, way better than expected. It re-emerged in 2023 to post impressive returns, and this year has recently smashed past the $60k barrier again. 

In addition, BRC-20 tokens have soared in value to an overall market cap of more than $3 billion, according to CoinGecko at the time of writing. This emerging and growing market is the perfect foundation for Bitcoin Dogs to build from and potentially open up into a sector worth more billions than Bezos.

No matter which angle you look at Bitcoin Dogs from, its beauty and appeal are undeniable. It has the prestige of being the OG Bitcoin presale coin and is leaping into growing markets such as Bitcoin Ordinals, GameFi, and the NFT sector – reportedly due for a 2021-esque resurgence. 

Don’t accept FOMO: Join the Bitcoin Dogs pack today

The clock is ticking down on the chance for investors to grab hold of the 0DOG token at a price that future investors will envy.

With a bold and exciting roadmap ahead, details of which can be found in its whitepaper, time is running out to join the growing community of 110k followers on Twitter and 19k members on Telegram. No doubt bolstered by the serious props from major influencers @BscGemsX1000 and @BscSuperAltcoin.

With prices rising before the presale ends on the 15th of March, there’s no time to wait. Grab your 0DOG tokens and enjoy the thrill of the ride as it races off into the distance after going live.

Click here to visit the Bitcoin Dogs website and purchase 0DOG.

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