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What is Shima Enaga and How Does It Benefit New Crypto Investors?

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Shima Enaga
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Shima Enaga is making headlines in the crypto industry as this innovative project focuses on educating and providing investment tools.

Crypto communities need to have strong social bonds, a shared purpose, and a reason to connect, just like traditional marketing is based on mission and brand values. There is a new crypto project named Shima Enaga, which is community-driven and focuses on education.

About Shima Enaga

Shima Enaga is a community-driven, long-term project primarily focusing on education. The team believes that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is crucial to creating a future where individuals have complete control over their finances. 

However, DeFi is currently unsafe for most investors due to a lack of knowledge. This project aims to promote mass adoption of DeFi by bringing together legitimate crypto communities and providing fundamental education to new investors.

Increasing Penetration of Crypto Community

In the digital world, where DAOs and coins are everywhere, community development has become essential to crypto companies’ marketing campaigns. Launching a community requires time and expertise, but cultivating it over the long term is a more challenging task.

The keys to a well-functioning community are understanding the needs of its members, a sense of collective ownership, and implicit or explicit benefits for contributing to its construction and maintenance. There is a wide range of incentives for being part of a community. Still, it is about leveraging the power of groups working together to produce benefits that members can draw from as needed.

Community is a core tenet of any society, braided from school systems, sports leagues, affinity groups, religious affiliations, social services, and many more. Members receive benefits that are never entirely equal, but it’s like social insurance that the crypto enthusiasts embrace.

The Shima Enaga Ecosystem

The Shima Enaga Ecosystem comprises two key elements: the Shima Enaga Academy and the $SHIMA token. The main objective of the academy is to actualize the vision and mission of providing education to the DeFi sector. The $SHIMA token is the primary means of investing in the Ecosystem and directly supporting the Shima Academy through a percentage of the buy/sell tax.

Education is the SHIMA crypto’s primary utility, in addition to being a core value. The team is creating the Shima Academy to facilitate educational events in various venues and serve as the hub of the community. The academy will primarily exist in the metaverse but won’t abandon the real world.

The project’s NFT collection symbolizes the values of inclusivity and fairness, just like the DeFi ecosystem. It promotes the idea of unity and equality among all races, nationalities, and religions. Each ShimaNFT is unique, featuring clothing, items, and backgrounds from around the world, just like the Shima community. 

The collection of unique NFTs not only includes beautiful artwork but also provides the following benefits: 50% of royalties will be used to buy back NFTs sold under floor value to maintain a healthy value, while the other 50% of royalties will go towards marketing, development, and building the academy.

How Crypto Communities Like Shima Enaga Gain Popularity

Crypto communities like Shima Enaga have gained popularity because centralized authorities and financial institutions control the traditional financial system. Users have no say in the traditional finance system’s workings or rules. However, the decentralized nature of blockchains gives users the power to decide a course of action. Hence, crypto communities are needed to hold together all interested individuals and project contributors.

The project team aims to educate investors and equip them with actionable tools, like staking, to take charge of their investments. Staking was implemented to reward long-term investors with passive income.

Vision and Mission of  Shima Enaga

According to the whitepaper, Shima Enaga is committed to honesty and transparency when it comes to investor funds and the project’s future.

The project team takes accountability seriously and has implemented measures, such as multi-signature wallets, to maintain transparency with the community. Education is at the heart of the ecosystem, and all decisions about the project’s future are made with this in mind. 

The Team has also posted about its vision and mission in the whitepaper. Shima Enaga envisions a society where everyone has equal financial opportunities through DeFi, thanks to the education provided by the Shima Academy. Moving towards the primary mission, the team described it as strengthening DeFi through education. It is providing a virtual academy, hosting community events with keynote speakers, and creating a safe investment environment with their native token, $SHIMA. 

Tokenomics of Shima Enaga

To guarantee a reasonable increase in the minimum price of the project, each transaction involving $SHIMA will incur a 1% liquidity tax, which will be directly added to the liquidity pool. Additionally, 4% of every purchase/sale will be allocated to the multi-signature marketing wallet, which will be used for a range of activities, including community giveaways, marketing, and events.

Should Investors Join Communities Like Shima Enaga?

Before joining, investors should check the guidelines of crypto communities, such as Shima Enaga. Most communities provide clear and defined rules, which are not strict, so that all members can enjoy the essence of the community without conflict.

Benefits of Joining

Joining a crypto community has several benefits, such as getting market insights, learning from experts, networking, technical support, and access to exclusive perks. These communities keep the investors updated on project development, new trends, advancements, products, and more, helping them stay ahead and take action on time.

For example, the Shima Enaga ecosystem revolves around education. ShimaRanks was designed to help participants learn how to read charts, news, and trends to make informed decisions to win the game.

However, investors should be aware of the risks associated with crypto communities. For example, scammers and bots can join the channel and potentially risk private information or private wallet keys, scamming investors and traders out of funds. 

Additionally, some communities might seem promising at first glance but are hidden rug pulls where community members create hype around the project and its future to pull out investors’ money. Therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly and watch out for all traps and facts to make informed decisions while investing.


Shima Enaga is a long-term educational project. It emphasizes the importance of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in giving individuals complete control over their finances. The community is focused on education, and ShimaRanks is a tool designed to help participants learn how to read charts, news, and trends to make informed decisions.


The views and opinions stated by the author or any people named in this article are for informational purposes only. They do not establish financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading in stocks, cryptos, or other related indexes comes with a risk of financial loss.

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