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An Ultimate Guide to BscScan: A Blockchain Explorer for BSC

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BscScan is an exclusive blockchain explorer, mainly designed for the Binance Smart Chain platform. It delivers services, including gas price checks, intelligent contract verification, transaction and wallet address checks, and token tracking.  

Initiating trades and investments requires an in-depth field analysis and holding complete information related to tokens, transactions, gas prices, and wallets. BscScan is a blockchain explorer platform offering all these facilities and a comprehensive overview of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.   

What is BscScan?

BscScan is one of the most prevalent and exclusive blockchain explorers for BSC, and it was designed in 2020. The platform was invented by the same team responsible for creating Etherscan.  

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The platform offers a comprehensive view of the BSC ecosystem, which includes exploring wallet addresses, verifying intelligent contracts, tracking transactions, and evaluating token data. It is a search engine for the BSC environment, delivering real-time data on blocks, transactions, addresses, and smart contracts.

Features Made BscScan a Standout Performer 

The BSC-based blockchain explorer delivers some outstanding features to sustain its strong and recognized positioning in the world of analytics.

Real-time transaction tracking is one of the foremost features of the Blockchain Explorer. A wallet address or transaction hash allows individuals to track all transaction details. 

Wallet Address exploration is another prominent feature possessed by the respective explorer. Individuals can grab details of BNB balance, transaction data, BEP20 token holding, and many more.  

The blockchain explorer verifies intelligent contracts, permitting individuals to check the integrity and authenticity of smart contracts deployed on the BSC platform. Comparing the compiled code with the running code helps in intelligent contract verification. 

Individuals can also track tokens and gas prices using the advanced blockchain explorer. Individuals can stalk many tokens, including BEP-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 tokens, and NFTs on the BSC platform. Users can also navigate real-time data on gas fees. 

How to Use the BscScan Platform? 

The platform offers countless features and services that enhance its value in the crypto world. Navigating and extracting facts from Binance Smart Chain becomes more efficient with this blockchain explorer. Here are a few paths in which the explorer can be used. 

Gas price monitoring: The platform users can monitor and check the gas prices in the “Gas Tracker” field. Clicking the option displays average gas prices, block size, and average utilization. Individuals can also check the opt gas guzzlers and spenders that help make infrared decisions.  

Transaction check: To check transactions over the platform, the user must search for the transaction hash or wallet address. The page offers an in-detailed description of the transaction amount, balances, status, transaction fees, date, and block number.  

Wallet Address check: This blockchain explorer can be a good option if individuals want to explore wallet addresses. Entering the wallet address in the search bar is all a user needs to do. Hitting the search icon will provide details, including BNB balances, transaction history, and BEP-20 token balances.    

Token tracking: The blockchain explorer can also track tokens by navigating the “Tokens” section. Price, volume, market capitalization, and holder count can be explored over the platform. The respective blockchain supports BEP-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and NFTs.

Intelligent contract verification: Another outstanding feature is smart contract verification, accessed via the “Verify Contract” section. Entering the contract address, choosing the compiler and license types, and pasting the contract code are required. Furthermore, completing formalities and hitting the “Verify and Publish” button will help in intelligent contract verification.        

Other Alternatives to Look At 

The Blockchain Explorer has a wide range of features but some flaws, like support for the limited number of wallets, and is designed explicitly for the BSC. There are a few alternatives to the Blockchain Explorer, and are as follows:   

BitQuery Explorer: BitQuery is superior to other blockchain explorers regarding blockchain support. The platform supports multiple blockchains and delivers advanced search and analysis options. 

Binance Chain Explorer: Binance Chain Explorer was developed by Binance and is available on web and mobile applications. The explorer provides blocks, transactions, wallet balances, and BNB metadata facts.    

Binance Explorer: Another alternative to explore is Binance Explorer, which offers advanced features compared to the blockchain explorer. Transparency, brilliant contract insights, and real-time alerts are the main features of Binance Explorer.   


BscScan is one of the most influential and essential tools, permitting users to explore the BSC network, transactions, wallet history, tokens tracking, and other necessary facilities. The platform allows for making informed decisions, monitoring investments, and ensuring that digital assets are securities.     


Can the blockchain explorer be used for other blockchain networks? 

No, the Blockchain Explorer is incompatible with other blockchain networks and helps explore the BSC network.   

What are the risks with the blockchain explorer? 

Phishing attempts, malicious contracts, and misuse of personal information are some risks. The user must use the official site to avoid such risks.

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