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What is Pandoshi? A Famous Crypto That Could Be The Next Big Thing

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Pandoshi is a new cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining traction in the cryptocurrency scene due to its innovative approach and success in earlier funding stages

In recent times, Pandoshi has drawn considerable investments, highlighting the market’s faith in its potential and earning a name in the crypto community. The project stands out for its unique attributes and its ambitious vision to transform the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

What Is Pandoshi?

While it could be mistaken for just another meme coin, Pandoshi embodies a completely independent and decentralized system. Pandoshi is committed to the principles of decentralization, preserving financial privacy, and giving the community a central role in shaping the project’s direction.

Pandoshi features a Layer-2 network that operates on a Proof of Stake protocol, providing a greener solution compared to the usual Proof of Work approach. In its ecosystem, users can access decentralized exchanges (DEX), secure wallets that users have full control over, interactive Metaverse games, educational resources such as Pandoshi University, and prepaid cards that work with cryptocurrencies, all operating without the requirement for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

Panda Chain

PandaChain is a blockchain solution that operates as a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Layer-2. For the Pandoshi community to achieve true decentralization, it is necessary to have blockchain infrastructure that is cost-effective. PandaChain increases the burn rate, reducing the PAMBO circulating supply. It will serve as the official home for all Pandoshi and community projects, and will considerably reduce transaction fees for everyone within the ecosystem. 

PandaChain employs a variety of technologies and protocols, including the PolyBFT consensus mechanism, StateSync, and Checkpoints for bridging. Furthermore, it supports ERC standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 for token creation. Not forgetting thatone of its key features is the zkEVM, which enables zero-knowledge proofs on an EVM-compatible chain.

PandaChain aims to guarantee minimal fees for every application, game, or service developed on its platform. Its primary transactional objective is to achieve transactions in seconds for mere fractions of a cent.

Native Token of Pandoshi

PAMBO, Pandoshi’s native token, lies at the heart of its ecosystem. PAMBO was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain as a deflationary token, designed to increase in value as its rarity grows. It also includes a buy-and-burn system, a feature that prospective buyers often seek. 

The project has various components that reinforce the token’s value, particularly its decentralized exchange, which charges fees on transactions. The fees collected are then used to buy more PAMBO tokens, contributing to the token’s market value growth.


PandoshiSwap is a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies that allows peer-to-peer trading without a middleman. Unlike Uniswap, PandoshiSwap will not unjustly ban assets and will remain true to the principles of DeFi. Additionally, the platform will never include “optional” KYC codes that could compromise users’ privacy.

PandoshiSwap is expected to support various chains and will have an internal bridge that allows for the transfer of assets from one chain to another. Moreover, the platform’s fee structure will be set at 0.3%, with 70% of the fee revenue used to reward liquidity providers and the remaining 30% allocated towards the buy and burn of PAMBO.

Now, once PandaChain is launched, PandoshiSwap will become the official DEX of the network. This will end up supporting all ecosystem tokens and those developed by the community for various projects.

Pasoshi Wallet

A secure wallet is essential in the ecosystem. Pandoshi achieves this by not collecting data. Initially, they support EVM. Later, as their white paper says, they are more likely to integrate non-EVM chains. Pandishi will add a swap, staking, recurring payments, and the ability to execute transactions without owning the native coin. They are also set to include many other new features.

Cardoshi: The Virtual Prepaid Card

Cardoshi is a new virtual prepaid card solution that allows people around the world to create and load virtual Visa/Mastercard prepaid cards using PAMBO tokens.

If the user has PAMBO tokens, they can use the platform to easily create and load virtual prepaid Visa/Mastercard debit cards, and popular cryptocurrencies such as stablecoins, across various blockchains. These virtual cards have a maximum balance of $5000, a daily transaction limit of $2500, and are accepted by a vast number of global merchants.

When the users do a card top-up, there is a nominal fee of 2%, which will be used to purchase and subsequently burn PAMBO tokens. This helps to reinforce the deflationary nature of the PAMBO token. The virtual cards will initially be available in the United States, followed by Europe, and then in other parts of the world.

Pandoshi’s Presale

Pandoshi’s presale is structured across five distinct stages. Currently in its third stage, the token is valued at $0.006. As the project moves into its fourth stage, the cost per token will rise to $0.008 and reach $0.01 in the final stage, representing a critical milestone for both the project and its investors. The project’s roadmap includes plans to broaden social media engagement and enhance its ecosystem further.

On X, Pandoshi recently shared the exciting news that they are ahead of schedule and are getting ready for the beta release of the Pandoshi Wallet. This is a significant development that is happening during their presale phase.

Initially, the beta version of the wallet will offer support for all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains. Also, plans are underway to broaden its compatibility to include non-EVM chains in subsequent updates. The wallet application will be available for both Android and iOS users to reach a broad user base.


Pandoshi is a community-driven blockchain project that aims to establish a decentralized ecosystem of products, including Network, DEX, Wallet, and more. The project values financial privacy and autonomy, and the users’ interests are always prioritized in every product. Pandoshi is committed to decentralized finance, privacy, and user empowerment.


It’s important to note that the views and opinions presented in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading stocks carries inherent risks, and readers should conduct their research before making any financial decisions.

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